Closing Night Gala - Passing Glory

Closing - Passing Glory

Closing Night Gala - Passing Glory

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Special screening of passionate epic Amores Perros. Northern California Premiere screening of the highly celebrated powerhouse from Lions' Gate Films.

Amores Peros (Winner of Cannes Critics' Week, Grand Prize) will close Cinequest on a note of sensuality and riveting drama. The film that left the critics and the crowds in awe at Cannes provides an original triad of interconnected stories set in vibrant Mexico City. Sporting a revved up directorial engine, the film's main thrust comes from the beautifully realized characters whose hopes and desires drive them towards their fate. The film will screen at the Camera Three and Camera One Theatres.

Afterwards, both audiences will gather at the magnificent A.P. Stump's for a sensational post-screening party. The party will include a sumptuous presentation of hors d'oeuvres, desserts, music and festive drinks. Those fortunate enough to enjoy last year's party at A.P. Stump's will be quick to acquire this hot ticket, so get yours soon. Cinequest extends a special thanks to A.P. Stump's whose generosity and enthusiasm provide the perfect celebration to end a great Cinequest Film Festival. Party with Filmmaker follows at: A.P. Stump's 163 W. Santa Clara Street (Free Parking in Market/San Pedro Garage)