Opening Night Gala - Angel's Dance

Opening - Angels Dance

Opening Night Gala - Angel's Dance

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Special screening of the smart and highly entertaining comedy Angel's Dance, starring James Belushi, Sheryl Lee, Kyle Chandler and with Jon Polito. Special appearance by director David L. Corley. Opening Night party follows at A.P. Stump's.

One of the rarest gems to discover in the world of film is a comedy that is both intelligent and entertaining throughout. Angel's Dance is such a find. The film succeeds at developing engaging characters and a dynamic story that never loses its verve. It's another day at work when the Lobrutto family's hitman tracks down their thieving accountant. Everything is going according to plan until a Mack truck turns the hitman into roadkill. Now the family has two problems: first, their accountant has entered the witness protection program and threatens to testify against the family, and second, they are in desperate need of a new hitman. Enter Tony 'The Rock' Greco (Kyle Chandler), an up and comer in the family business. They pack him up and send him off to LA for a crash course in liquidation etiquette from the Zen master of all hitmen, Stevie 'The Rose' Rosellini (James Belushi). Although Tony doesn't fully appreciate Stevie's casual attitude and vegetarian lifestyle, he soon realizes that Stevie knows his stuff when it comes to the art of murder. The day comes when theory must be put into practice. Stevie hands Tony a knife and instructs him to throw it into a phone book. The tip of the knife's blade points to a name...Angel Chaste (Sheryl Lee). We won't ruin this crowd-pleaser with any more information as the film unfolds with a wonderful sense of drama, suspense, humor, surprises, and fun.

After enjoying Angel's Dance, join the director at A.P. Stump's for great food and drink at the beauty of the Pavicich family's new restaurant. Don't miss this fabulous send-off to the best Cinequest ever!