Mavericks on Film: Digital Cinematography

Digital Cinematography

Mavericks on Film: Digital Cinematography

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Perhaps the most exciting applications of digital technologies are currently happening in the realm of digital cinematography. The new digital cameras and photographic technologies are not only offering a suitable alternative to 35mm film but also offering numerous creative advantages. This seminar will demonstrate the wonders of electronic cinematography (with groundbreaking footage) and will discuss the pros and cons of electric versus celluloid cinematography.

This can't-miss symposium will be moderated by the world-renowned digital pioneer, Laurence J. Thorpe. Anybody who has heard Mr. Thorpe speak will be rushing to buy tickets for themselves and their friends. Additionally, Mr. Thorpe is bringing together a wondrous assortment of filmmakers for this panel. Moderator: Laurence J. Thorpe, Vice President, Acquisitions Systems, Sony. Sony leads the development of digital cameras, and Mr. Thorpe leads Sony's efforts. His groundbreaking work with the BBC, RCA, and now Sony has culminated in the exciting developments of digital image capturing which provides the possibility of eliminating traditional means of making films.

Panelist: Pierre de Lespinois, Talisman CrestFilm. Mr. de Lespinois was first inspired to become an action-adventure director when he fell off a 500-foot cliff while preparing for a hang-gliding show. Since then, his directing experiences have taken him from the top of the Himalayas, Andes, and Alps down to a mile below the ocean's surface. Most recently, his expertise in digital visual effects and capture has been used to create the extraordinary facility for production and postproduction of The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne.

Panelist: Steve Kotton, Founding Partner of PVR. When MYST hit the CD-ROM game scene, it took the world by storm. RIVEN is the sequel to MYST, which has proven to be an even greater achievement in combining digital live action photography with computer-generated material. Mr. Kotton is RIVEN's Director of Photography. Additionally, Mr. Kotton photographed the first all-digital film, Robert Miller's Mail Bonding.

Panelist: Feodor Pitcairn, President of Pitcairn Productions. Mr. Pitcairn's career and interests have embodied three main areas: business, environmental protection, and the filming of our marine environment. At age sixteen, he acquired a big press camera and took a fateful trip to South Africa; Africa awoke a lasting love for wild life and wild places. After service in the U.S. Army Tank Corps and graduation from the University of Pennsylvania, he began a successful business career - culminating when he became chairman of the Pitcairn Financial Management Group. He kept his love of the environment alive as a trustee of the Environmental Defense Fund. Mr. Pitcairn retired from business in 1991 to devote full time to underwater filming. He has spent over 3,000 hours underwater with his cameras.