Cinequest and Apple Explore High Tech and Film

CQ and Apple Explore Tech

Cinequest and Apple Explore High Tech and Film

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Apple Demonstrates "Script to Screen" and Multimedia Web Technologies.

Cinequest and Apple Computer of Cupertino announce a joint exploration of high technology and film during Cinequest San Jose Film Festival VII, running January 30 through February 5, 1997. As a major supporter of Cinequest, Apple will provide hands-on demonstrations of their "Script to Screen" technologies during the festival, showing how the digital revolution has changed every aspect of filmmaking. According to Carlos Montalvo, Vice President of Apple Computer's Interactive Media Group, "Independent filmmakers can break the traditional Hollywood production paradigm. They can conceptualize, capture, edit, and post-produce entire feature films all on a Mac." The demonstrations, held Friday January 31 through Sunday February 2 from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM, will cover many aspects of the filmmaking process, from developing the screenplay to storyboarding to scheduling, budgeting, sound and image editing, and creating promotional material.

Apple employees will be available to answer questions on the various technologies and tools. In addition to the "Script to Screen" demonstration, Cinequest has partnered with Apple to enhance the Cinequest web site, located at Using the latest Internet technologies, Apple will create several virtual reality (VR) scenes specifically for Cinequest, including one of a Cinequest Special Event location. Apple will also create brief Quicktime clips of our Feature Competition films, and short interviews with selected Cinequest notables. Using a World Wide Web browser and selected "helper apps" (downloaded directly from the Cinequest site), web users from around the world will be able to explore Cinequest San Jose Film Festival VII like never before.