Independent Women Symposium

Ind Women Symposium

Independent Women Symposium

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Since the advent of feminism in the early '70s, numerous female film artists have been periodically heralded by the media as the next "new voices" in Hollywood. Unfortunately, after the initial splash, these erstwhile darlings of the critics have often then been summarily (and inexplicably) discarded like yesterday's newspapers. Even more disappointing, however--throughout all of this--is that women as a whole have never received the credit due them for their invaluable contributions to the art form, both behind and in front of the camera.

Even the most casual film-goer is well aware that change in Hollywood--and the film industry in general--occurs largely at a glacial pace. After all, it is a business run by bankers. Nevertheless, in spite of all the considerable obstacles women have faced, they seem to have made significant inroads in getting their stories told on film. Or have they? Are women taking a more prominent place in filmmaking, or is that perception merely an illusion, courtesy of the media and other publicity machines? And if, in fact, there has been progress, just how substantial is it really?

Join Cinequest for a fascinating panel discussion with some of cinema's most experienced female artists as they address these and other timely issues swirling about women in film today--and most likely, tomorrow as well. The panel is moderated by the esteemed, writer, educator and curator Lissa Gibbs, who for the last three years has directed the Film Arts Foundation. The distinguished panel will also include actor/director Diane Ladd (Wild At Heart, Rambling Rose, Mrs. Munck), actor Grace Zabriskie (Twin Peaks, Chain of Desire, Wild At Heart), screenwriter Barbara Turner (Georgia), director Dagmar Hirtz (Moondance) and local director Pam Walton (Family Values, Gay Youth).

You won't want to miss this rare opportunity to learn, first-hand, of their triumphs and disappointments, their joys and frustrations, and their hopes and expectations for the future of women in film. This one promises to be a lively, fun, and educational event.