High-Tech and Film Showcase

High Tech Film Showcase

High-Tech and Film Showcase

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Doesn't it seem fitting that the Silicon Valley's film festival present the latest developments in the world of film technology? That's why Cinequest's Board of Directors is committed to developing an annual showcase of technology that is the finest in the country. This year Cinequest wants to whet your appetite and find out if the residents of the Silicon Valley agree that the Cinequest Film Festival should be THE place to discover the latest and greatest in film technology. If the interest is there, Cinequest's Board will move forward in developing this annual showcase.

The sneak-preview edition of the Cinequest High-Tech & Film Showcase will include four one hour presentations on Saturday, February 3rd by some of the Bay Area's leaders in media technology.

Digital Filmmaking: 9:00 a.m. Here it is kids! This is your chance to see the first all-digital movie of a live-action film, and to talk to its maker. Director Robert Miller brings us "Mail Bonding", the story of a struggling poet and his crush on his mail carrier, but the post woman does not always ring twice. In fact, she doesn't want anything to do with the poet. But he courts her nonetheless and the story of her past and future unfolds. -- Mike Rabehl.

Jeff Mann of Industrial Light + Magic: Noon. For two decades, Industrial Light + Magic has set the standard for visual effects, creating some of the most stunning images in the history of film. Now at the forefront of the digital revolution, ILM continues to break new ground in visual effects. Cinequest is honored to have ILM's Jeff Mann make a special presentation for your enjoyment. Jeff Mann was named Director of Production Operations of ILM in 1992 after serving in a variety of capacities within the model and creature departments since 1981. In his current position, Mann has helped guide the production of many films completed at ILM such as Jumanji, Casper, Congo, Forrest Gump, The Mask and Jurassic Park.

Adobe Systems Presents: 2:00 p.m.

TBA Presentation: 4:00 p.m.

All presentations occur on February 3rd and last approximately one hour.