Day of the Writer - The Writer's Mindset

The Writer's Mindset

Day of the Writer - The Writer's Mindset

Running Time: 90 mins


Friday, March 6th
1:00pm - 2:30pm • San Jose Repertory Theatre
This diverse panel of blue ribbon writers from film and television will share the secrets of their creative process from concept to rewrites and every step in between. Moderated by Barak Goldman, this high-octane panel will inform, entertain and inspire you to mine your own creative gold as we stare down the blank page with the dream of creating a good story well told.

Presenters include:

  • Barak Goldman, Co-Producer of Cinequest's Screenwriting Competition and De Anza College Screenwriting Instructor - Moderator (bio)
  • James Dalessandro, Writer 1906 and also a veteran presenter during the Day of the Writer (bio)
  • Felicia D. Henderson, Co-Executive Producer of Fringe, Gossip Girl & Everybody Hates Chris (bio)
  • Scott Kosar, Writer of The Machinist, The Amityville Horror and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (bio)
  • Brian Larsen, Writer on Clone Wars and Instructor at De Anza College (bio)

This event will be preceded by the announcement of the Cinequest Screenwriting Competition winner. The finalists are:

  • Dog Land, Jay Nuzum
  • Feed the Monster, Rob Rex
  • I Got You Babe, Will Hicks
  • Ora, Frederica Bailey
  • Squirt, Talmage Cooley
  • Survival High, Aaron Mento
  • The Circle Cast, Montana Moss
  • The Juno Incident, Cody Yarbrough
  • The Re-Education of David Singer, Todd Friedman
  • The Wonder, Gregory Abbey

The Jury for the Cinequest Screenwriting Competition is comprised of seasoned writers, producers and film executives.

  • Tim Albaugh, Producer at Popular Films
  • Nate Bolotin, Co-Founder, Production and Film Financing for XYZ Films
  • Gilles Chiasson, Director of Development at Moresco Productions
  • Josh Grossman, Senior Vice President of Development for The Goldstein Company (Pretty Woman, The Mothman Prophecies, Under Siege, Under Siege 2: Dark Territory, Ringmaster)
  • Leslie Kallen, Manager at Leslie Kallen Management
  • Eugene Mandelcorn, Principal for Film Artists Cinema & Television (FACT)
  • Hernany Perla, Creative Executive at Lions Gate Films
  • Kate Sharp, Occupant Films
  • Lucy Shuttleworth, Co-Writer and Associate Producer of The Secret of Moonacre
  • Nancy Rae Stone, President and Producer at First Light Films
  • Jacques Themalaque, President of Filmmakers Alliance, President of 5 Minute Film School and Co-President of FA Productions
  • Jessica Yingling, Production Executive at Cheyenne Enterprises (Live Free or Die Hard, Hostage, The Whole Ten Yards)

To purchase tickets for this event, please click here or visit the box office to purchase the $20 World of the Writer ticket.