Day of the Writer - Track B: Film Noir, Part One

Film Noir, Part One

Day of the Writer - Track B: Film Noir, Part One

Running Time: 90 mins


Friday, March 6th
9:30am - 11:00am • Camera 12
Film noir and neo-noir seemingly subvert the classic Hollywood narrative, yet have entertained film aficionados for decades. Using film clips from The Maltese Falcon to Basic Instinct and beyond, Mr. Phelps will shed light on film noir’s essential elements. Presentation highlights include: the philosophical, dramatic and cinematic foundations of noir, themes, settings, story structure, narrative techniques, characters, dialogue, neo-noir, and how to incorporate noir elements into your own screenplays. Mr. Phelps will go under the hood of noir like a paroled boxer moonlighting as a mechanic, but never lose sight of the voyeuristic joy of exploring noir's evil. After this entertaining discussion, you’ll know how to spot a noir, how to enjoy one and, best yet, how to exploit the dark side of storytelling; whatever your favorite genre.

Presenters include:

  • Robert G. Phelps (bio)

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