Film & Innovation Forums: The Business of Art

The Business of Art

Film & Innovation Forums: The Business of Art

Running Time: 90 mins


Saturday, March 7th
1:30 – 3:00 • San Jose Repertory Theatre
Expert innovators, producers, agents and distributors discuss the challenges of an art form that costs money and needs to make money...or does it? Compared to other art forms, such as visual art and novels, film carries unique burdens and opportunities. Being a technologically driven art form that requires many participants rather than a single artist, costs have always influenced filmmaking. Conversely, distributed film has enjoyed the financial opportunities of its mass reach. This panel provides key wisdom for artists in their quest to successfully make and market movies and provides film lovers with unique insight into the challenges of those who produce movies.

Panelists include:

  • Kimb Katz Massey Ph.D, Professor of Radio-Television-Film at San Jose State University (bio) - Moderator
  • Gilles BianRosa, Chief Executive Officer of Vuze, Inc. (bio)
  • Ted Chalmers, Vice President of Operations, Sales and Distribution for Maitland Primrose Group (bio)
  • Jeff Colvin, Comerica
  • Charles Pugliese, Vice President of Development and Production at Darren Star Productions (bio)
  • Peter Trinh, International Creative Management (bio)