Film & Innovation Forums: Lights, Cameras...P2

Lights, Cameras P2

Film & Innovation Forums: Lights, Cameras...P2

Running Time: 90 mins


Saturday, March 7th
11:00 – 1:00 • San Jose Repertory Theatre
At Cinequest, film producers, directors and cinematographers have discovered the latest and greatest breakthroughs to bring their visions to screen—be they documentaries, shorts or feature films. Technologies must serve the story, artistry and the budgets of filmmaking to have impact. P2 (solid state filmmaking via Panasonic) provides many of the best opportunities for filmmakers today. Join an exciting visual and interactive presentation of the cameras, production & post-production workflows for this groundbreaking way to make films better and easier.

The benefits of P2 start with beautiful picture quality, including revolutionary master quality and instantly accessible video. Even better, P2 is cost & time efficient and compatible with leading post options, including Avid, Apple, Quantel and others. Besides the flexibility and workflow, P2 cameras are physically well-balanced and work great in multiple shooting situations, including tripods, on the shoulder for ‘run & gun” or on a steadicam or crane. This year at Cinequest ’09, we’re very excited about the newest P2 High Definition family members – the VariCam 3700 and VariCam 2700. Every filmmaker should understand the best, not just the hyped, options and tools to create their story. This must-attend revelation will give you the knowledge and power to fully realize your vision with ease and in the most cost-effective manner imaginable.

Panelists include:

  • Steve Cooperman, Product Line Business Manager – P2 Systems of Panasonic Broadcast and Television Systems (bio) - Moderator