Film & Innovation Forums: Audiences & Art

Audiences & Art

Film & Innovation Forums: Audiences & Art

Running Time: 90 mins


Friday, February 27th
11:00 – 12:30 • San Jose Repertory Theatre
A lively panel of distribution pros, media and the audience discuss the relationship between artist and audience. Topics include:

  • Traditional and new forms of distribution.
  • Artistic integrity versus serving the audience.
  • How the differences in international audiences in comparison with American audiences effect distribution and artistry.
  • Old school and new school media and how they influence audiences, distribution and filmmakers.
  • Marketing practices as they empower or deflate audiences and artists.

Panelists include:

  • Jeff Karnes, Vice President of Marketing and Products for VoloMedia, Inc. (bio) - Moderator
  • Peter Belsito, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Film Finders (bio)
  • Charlie Olsky (bio)
  • Orly Ravid, Vice President Acquisitions & Distribution at Senator US
  • Zach Reeder, Partner at Circus Road Films (bio)