Cinequest Film Festival 18 - Music Events

Cinequest Film Festival 18 - Music Events

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2008 Cinequest Music Events

Cinequest Arts & Industry Music Party
Saturday, March 1st; 10:00PM – 12:30AM; @ The Tech
Featured Musical Guests, Quincy Coleman & Ben's Brother
Join Cinequest and visiting artists and industry for a magnificent evening of music at The Tech, where attendees will be treated to exciting performances from the award-winning Quincy Coleman and Capitol Records recording artists Ben’s Brother, all the while having the chance to mingle and meet visiting dignitaries in a very relaxed and impressive setting.
Event is open to Elite Passholders and Filmmakers ONLY.

Quincy Coleman

Quincy Coleman
Think Elvis Presley's power, Edith Piaf's emotion and the spirit of Django Reinhardt breaking Challa on a Hawaiian island while shooting a scene for a David Lynch, Quentin Tarantino, Fellini collaboration and you have the musings of songwriter and vocalist extraordinaire Quincy Coleman. Regularly selling out venues, her songs have appeared on the soundtracks of the Academy Award-winning film Crash and the runaway hit Waitress.

Ben's Brother

Ben’s Brother
A spectacularly mesmerizing five-piece band from the U.K., Ben’s Brother released their debut album Beta Male Fairytales in August, 2007 with resounding success. Their songs are a pure revelation and sound like immortal classics that have been hanging around forever just waiting for somebody to sing them. With songs both soulful and vulnerable, they articulate tenderness with their soaring music and are an aural lifting of the spirits.

Capitol Records
Made Possible in Partnership with Capitol Records

Opening Night Film and Party
Wednesday, February 27th; 7:00PM @ Paragon Restaurant
Kick off your Cinequest film week with the World Premiere of Eden Court, featuring stellar performances by Thomas Lennon (Reno 911!), Kimberly Williams-Paisley (Father of the Bride), and Stephnie Weir (MADtv), Screening will be followed by a fun-filled bash that will not disappoint. Chock full of drinks, food and fun, Cinequest’s Opening Night Party will feature special music guest Pamela Rose, who will enthrall and mesmerize with her soulful style.
Event Open to Ticketholders and Elite and Premier Passholders.

Pamela Rose
Having thrilled audiences locally and internationally with her swinging, soulful style, San Francisco jazz and blues vocalist Pamela Rose is that rare breed of entertainer who connects solidly with her audience by always delivering a personal and unforgettable musical experience. Her rich, warm voice and easy rapport with excellent musicians moves jazz and blues audiences of all ages.

Discover Maverick Bands, Volume 1
Thursday, February 28th; 5 -7pm in courtyard of Paragon Restaurant
An eclectic mix of Maverick bands play for your enjoyment before your next screening.
Event is Open to Public

F.T.B. (Funk the Band)
In their four years together, FTB has cultivated a fun, original, yet familiar sound. Based in the Bay Area, their ska/funk/hip hop stylings has found them opening for large acts such as Fishbone and Mikey Dread, as well as exploring the West coast alongside South Bay Ska legends Monkey. Their onstage energy and antics repeatedly remind the crowd it's alright to have a good time.

Silent Envy
Blending genres by taking energetic rock and fusing electronic rhythms and drums, Silent Envy draws comparison to such bands as The Killers and Panic at the Disco, yet their sound is still undeniably unique. Mixing sampled drums, punk guitars, pulsing electronic rhythms, rich dueling vocals and raw unfiltered songwriting, Silent Envy is carving a new wave of rock and dance.

Discover Maverick Bands, Volume 2
Friday, February 29th; 5 -7pm in courtyard of Paragon Restaurant
An eclectic mix of Maverick bands play for your enjoyment before your next screening.
Event is Open to Public

Mirror Image
Made up of five talented individuals from different backgrounds, the members of Mirror Image possess one common goal - to make great music. Their music infuses alternative rock with jam rock and touches on elements of funk, folk, and pop rock. Mirror Image is a definite powerhouse and destined to turn some heads.

My Monster
In a time when melodic hard rock has given way to strained screams and indecipherable hollering, My Monster strives to keep a dying tradition alive. A staple of the local scene, My Monster displays how a diverse range of musical influences can come together to create a dynamic sound unique unto itself. With a hard-hitting sound balanced by evocative lyrics and moody melodies.

Closing Night VIP Pre-Party
Sunday, March 9th; 5:30-7:00PM @ Motif Lounge
Featured Musical Guest, Octobop
Join this year’s VIPs for a special closing night pre-party at the Motif Lounge, where guests will be treated to food and drink and a performance from the hip and jazzy Octobop.
Event is open to Elite Passholders and Filmmakers ONLY.

Octobop makes cool jazz hot again. Images of the early days on the West Coast when new ideas, harmonies, ensemble playing and great improvisation were all happening. Recreating and updating that experience is the mission of Octobop. Performing and promoting the music that began with The Birth of Cool—and the innovations of the likes of Chet Baker and Shorty Rogers—Octobop brings the West Coast cool.

Closing Night Film & Party
Sunday, March 9th; 7:30PM @ Motif Lounge
Featured Musical Guest, Orquestra D'Soul
Celebrating the finale of Cinequest’s biggest year to date, our 2008 Closing Night Party is a definite must for those who demand a great time. Cinequest lovers will be treated to an unforgettable night of energetic music, food and fun. Rounding out the evening is an electrifying performance by funky Latino sounds of Orquestra d’Soul.
Event is open to Ticketholders and Elite and Premier Passholders.

Orquestra d’Soul
Creating a mixture of Latin, funk and hip-hop, Orquestra d’Soul’s music is soul with a side of salsa. An incredible aural feast, the band, led by Marina Garza, embraces a myriad of high-energy sounds, developing an impressive repertoire of original songs in both English and Spanish. With Garza's blazing trumpet in the foreground, Orquesta d'Soul delivers a satisfying dose of Latin rhythms, leavened with a dash of new and old school R&B.

Music in Films

Quincy Coleman: It's All in the Song ( Buy Tickets )
Screening: Saturday, March 1st; 5:15pm (Camera 12 Cinemas)
A woman of many names and many talents, her soulful voice aches to be heard by anyone who will listen. Quincy Coleman: It’s All in the Song is an intimate and stirring journey full of passion and music. Quincy Coleman and her band will be giving a rousing performance on the evening of March 1st at the Cinequest Arts & Industry Party.

D-Tour: A Tenacious Documentary ( Buy Tickets )
Screenings: Saturday, March 1st; 10:15pm (San Jose Repertory Theatre)
Sunday, March 2nd; 7:00pm (California Theatre)
When minions of hell run alongside this double-decker bus of destruction, only the D-Tour could bring a new perspective on the journey that lies in its wake. Starring Jack Black and Kyle Gass, D-Tour is an inside look into the dynamics, emotions and humor that make up Tenacious D.

Les Paul - Chasing Sound ( Buy Tickets )
Screenings: Thursday, February 28th; 9:00pm (Camera 12 Cinemas)
Monday, March 3rd; 2:30pm (Camera 12 Cinemas)
Tuesday, March 4th; 9:15pm (Camera 12 Cinemas)
Without Les Paul, there would have been no Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrix or Eric Clapton. Just ask Keith Richards, who is one of many rock legends who appears to pay tribute in this captivating story of one of the 20th century’s greatest mavericks. The father of modern electric guitar sound and the artist who laid the foundation for all modern music, this 92-year-old still rocks.

The Silence Before Bach ( Buy Tickets )
Screenings: Friday, February 29th; 4:30pm (Camera 12 Cinemas)
Tuesday, March 4th; 6:45pm (Camera 12 Cinemas)
Saturday, March 8th; 10:00am (Camera 12 Cinemas)
Throughout its history, cinema has more often than not failed to faithfully depict the lives of artists, writers, and musicians. But in veteran Spanish director Pere Portabella’s wise and elegant film, Bach, in many forms and guises, comes vibrantly alive. It is a magnificent artistic achievement that reveals what is Bach exists in every single one of us.

Echoes of Home ( Buy Tickets )
Screenings: Sunday, March 2nd; 11:30am (Camera 12 Cinemas)
Thursday, March 6th; 2:00pm (Camera 12 Cinemas)
Saturday, March 8th; 11:30am (Camera 12 Cinemas)
Echoes of Home invigorates the tradition of Swiss folk music with a fascinating voyage through the music of the Alps, taking you from the traditional to the avant-garde, and redefining melody like never before. Snowcapped mountains come alive with the sound of music creating an indelible memory of a rich tradition that is both awe-inspiring and haunting.

Half Empty ( Buy Tickets )
Screenings: Thursday, February 28th; 7:00pm (California Theatre)
Saturday, March 1st; 2:15pm (California Theatre)
Mr. Positive, meet Ms. Curmudgeon. A romance that will warm even the sourest heart with its charm and biting satire, this hugely entertaining contemporary musical helps us remember that great writing, not concepts, tends to make the best movies. But, you be the judge (curmudgeon) or the “blissed-out” applauder.