Maverick Spirit Event - Danny Glover

Danny Glover Maverick Spi

Maverick Spirit Event - Danny Glover

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In addition to being one of the most acclaimed actors of our time, Danny Glover has been captivating film, television, and stage audiences for nearly thirty years, inhabiting roles both deeply and convincingly. He may lose himself in the parts he plays, but there?s no denying his statuesque and commanding presence, underscored by a slightly raspy, yet highly melodic voice, rolling out like musical thunder across the landscape.

The consummate character actor, his cinematic accomplishments are as distinguished as they are eclectic. In addition to creating memorable characters in Places in the Heart, The Color Purple, the Lethal Weapon series and the award-winning To Sleep with Anger, Danny Glover has also produced, executive produced and financed numerous projects for film, television and theatre. Among these are Good Fences, 3 AM, Freedom Song, Get on the Bus, Deadly Voyage, Buffalo Soldiers, The Saint of Fort Washington and To Sleep with Anger, as well as the series Courage and America's Dream.

Since co-founding Louverture Films, Glover has executive produced Bamako, Africa Unite, Salt Of This Sea, Soundtrack For A Revolution and the forthcoming Trouble with Water, which won the Grand Jury Prize for best documentary at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival.

The recipient of countless awards for his humanitarian and advocacy efforts on behalf of economic and social justice causes, Glover is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, a recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from Amnesty International and has also won the NAACP Image Award five times.

The characters Glover creates in his films, regardless of genre, possess a believability that transcends mere playacting. Through his exacting attention to detail, he is able to find and express the universal truth about the human condition that lies within whatever person he is portraying. ?The art of acting,? Glover has said, ?is understanding the human dynamic. To get to the depth of acting, keep imagining.?

In more ways than one, it?s nearly impossible to pin Danny Glover down. When he isn?t working on one of the multiple film projects he has lined up far into the future, he?s more likely than not to be flying off to yet another activist event, lending his support for justice and equality for the disenfranchised and the poor. You get the feeling he could almost wave to himself as his planes fly past each other in opposite directions.

Imagining is not only the key to Glover?s art; it also is a fundamental aspect to his life. Even as a very young man, Danny Glover had the ability to imagine the world as a better place. More importantly, he has transformed that ambitious vision into action; he can ?walk the walk? just as strongly as he can ?talk the talk.? And ever true to his Maverick spirit, he follows his heart and does what he feels is right. Now into his 60s, one would suppose he would be easing up a bit. Not surprisingly, he shows no signs whatsoever of slowing down. Unlike Roger Murtaugh, Glover?s weary Lethal Weapon detective who is "...gettin? too old for this shit,? Glover seems to just be getting started.

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