Closing Night - Take


Closing Night - Take

Running Time: 99 mins

Cinequest is thrilled to present director Charles Oliver?s Take as our Closing Night Film for the 2008 Cinequest. Featuring a haunting and resolute performance by Minnie Driver (Grosse Pointe Blank, The Riches) and an intense portrayal of a desperate man by Jeremy Renner (North Country, S.W.A.T.), Oliver beautifully constructs a powerful film about a man looking for salvation and a woman looking for the closure she needs to go on living.

Alone in prison, Saul is looking for salvation as his fate rapidly approaches. Ana has never met Saul, yet has despised him for seven years?back when her problems were as big as her son being kicked out of school for unruly behavior. Determined to keep her son out of Special Ed, Ana finds a night job so she can home school him and restore order to their lives. Meanwhile, a desperate Saul is trying to pay off an overdue gambling debt and focus on his ailing father. When Ana and Saul?s lives fatefully intersect, they become tragically intertwined. Today, the two will meet for the first time and neither of them will be the same.

A superbly crafted drama, Take will leave you breathless and will stay in your mind long after you see it.

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Take has been presented by Peet's Coffee & Tea, Comcast, Motif and Kai Vodka.

Last chance to celebrate with us during our Closing Night Event featuring drinks and live music following the film.

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