Maverick Spirit Award: Christine Vachon

Mav Spirit Christine Vach

Maverick Spirit Award: Christine Vachon

Running Time: 90 mins

“I’m no longer convinced theatrical is the Holy Grail.”

– Christine Vachon

Although the producer can be overlooked for the monumental role they have in the creation of film, there’s a reason they accept the Best Picture Award. Film fans rattle off the names of stars and directors but fail to pay homage to the individuals who truly are the ones who drive a project from script to screen. Cinequest is excited to expose its audience to one of the most dynamic independent producers of all time, Christine Vachon. Vachon is a woman who broke down barriers and forged an incredible career. Her films entertain while addressing the pain of life, move the audience emotionally as they are introduced to characters from a different walk than themselves and leave the audience with something to think about as they exit the theater.

Her work as a producer dates back to 1985, but with the creation of her production company Killer Films in 1991, Vachon has struck chords with such controversial classics as Kids, Boys Don’t Cry and with her company’s first production, Todd Haynes’ 1991 Sundance Grand Prize Winner Poison. Her films are quirky and cutting-edge and she champions emerging filmmakers and actors. 

Quickly becoming one of the most sought after producers, Vachon has been recognized with numerous awards for her work on such films as The Notorious Bettie Page, Mrs. Harris, The Company, Camp, Party Monster, One Hour Photo, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Happiness, Velvet Goldmine, I Shot Andy Warhol, Go Fish, Swoon, Far From Heaven (nominated for four Academy Awards®) and the Academy Award winning Boys Don’t Cry.

In 1994, Vachon was awarded the Frameline Award for Outstanding Achievement in Lesbian and Gay Media and in 1996 was honored with the prestigious Muse Award for Outstanding Vision and Achievement by New York Women in Film and Television. She received the IFP’s 1999 Gotham Award for producing, has been honored by the New York Film Critics Circle for her work on Far From Heaven, and received the Producer of the Year award from the National Board of Review.

A non-stop Maverick in every way, Vachon is currently at work on nine projects, including the Helen Hunt directed Then She Found Me (starring Helen Hunt, Colin Firth and Bette Midler), Tom Kalin’s Savage Grace (starring Julianne Moore) and Todd Haynes’ I’m Not Here (starring Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, Heath Ledger and Julianne Moore). 

Vachon’s book, Shooting To Kill, was published in the fall of 1998, and was a Los Angeles Times bestseller.  She released her second book A Killer Life: How an Independent Film Producer Survives Deals and Disasters in Hollywood and Beyond, in 2006.

Join us for what will truly be a memorable Cinequest moment as we learn more about the world of Christine Vachon, one of the most important independent producers working today.

Moderator: Jens Michael Hussey, Director Public Relations, Cinequest