Day of Distribution - with J.J. Abrams, Maverick Spirit Award

Day of Distribution

Day of Distribution - with J.J. Abrams, Maverick Spirit Award

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Cinequest has revolutionized the very concept of a film festival focusing not only on celebrating creativity, but providing empowerment, discovery and the much sought-after distribution.

Cinequest continues to lead the way by exposing filmmakers and film fans to the people and technologies that aid the creation and delivery of Maverick, independent and international cinema. As Chris Gore, author of The Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide has stated: ?This festival is one that sets the trends and is actually ahead of the trends. Other festivals are copying Cinequest; I see it all the time?You find the future of film at Cinequest.? At CQFF17, Cinequest, in conjunction with exclusive partners, will present a series of forums, structured as thematic days. Empower yourself via exposure to cutting-edge technologies as well as insight and how-to knowledge from leading film professionals.

Note: $15 Ticket price for each ?Day of? forum includes entrance into all of that day?s presentations / parts. Single presentation / part tickets may be purchased for $10. Cinequest is able to bring film makers, students and lovers of film these groundbreaking forums at such affordable prices due to the generosity of its forum sponsors: Intel, Panasonic, Canon, Azureus, Jaman and Palm.

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Day of Distribution ? Friday, March 2nd - $15

PART I: How to Sell Your Movie

Presented by Azureus and Yahoo

10:00 - 11:30am ? San Jose Repertory Theatre

Come learn from top distribution companies and sales representatives as they discuss and demonstrate the tried and true methods of selling a film and reaching your audience as well as groundbreaking new models. This is an opportunity to get inside the minds of cutting-edge professionals from Azureus, Film Finders, Focus Features, Magic Lamp Releasing and Yahoo.

It used to be a major accomplishment to simply make an independent feature movie with professional production standards but distribution is key. For years, Cinequest has led the way to a more level playing field by championing and showcasing digital technologies that have made making a movie much more accessible. BUT, it seems no easier today to sell the independent movies that are made. Cinequest offers a dynamic, informative and diverse panel of industry leaders representing various capacities that effect the promotion and sales of a motion picture. Some of the issues explored will be the roles of sales agent versus distributor; an examination of the expanding capacities of distribution including theatrical, DVD, television, Internet and VOD; insights into the different approaches and strategies for Foreign vs. Domestic; analysis of the pros and cons of simultaneous release in all capacities; and how to locate an appropriate agent or distributor for your film. This is a rare opportunity to get the inside picture of the distribution and marketing business past, present and future.

Panelists Include: Gilles BianRosa, CEO, Azureus, Inc.; Jeff Karnes, Director, Multimedia Product, Yahoo; Marc Halperin, President of Marketing and Distribution for Magic Lamp Releasing; Dylan Wilcox, Director, Acquisitions for Focus Features.

Moderator: Peter Belsito ? Film Finders

PART II: Getting the Word Out - How the Media Effects Distribution

Noon - 1:30pm ? San Jose Repertory Theatre

The media plays a powerful role in a filmmaker?s life not only to get the word out about a film in release but also to create buzz on product that has not yet been signed to a distributor. This fascinating panel of top film media guests will offer a glimpse into a realm, which not only plays a key part in a film?s success but also is a confusing entity for many filmmakers to navigate. This is a great opportunity to learn about the media business from the inside out and avoid common mistakes that trip up many filmmakers.

Panelists Include: Jason Guerrasio, Managing Editor, Filmmaker; Marla Lewin Halperin, President of Publicity and Promotion, Magic Lamp Releasing; Dennis Harvey, Variety; Elliot Kotek, Editor-in-Chief, Moving Pictures.

Moderator: Jens Michael Hussey, Director, Public Relations, Cinequest.

PART III: Distribution of the Future ? One on One with Gaurav Dhillon

Presented by Jaman

2:00 - 3:00pm ? San Jose Repertory Theatre

Open your Maverick mind to new distribution technologies, community building that sells your film, and business models like nothing you?ve seen before. Join entrepreneur and visionary, Gaurav Dhillon (Founder and CEO of Jaman and former Founder and CEO of Silicon Valley powerhouse Informatica), to explore new frontiers and opportunities for filmmakers and film fans. What Jaman is doing will blow your mind. This is one of the most unique and exciting distribution options available.

Internet film distribution strikes fear in the nervous and excitement in the visionaries. The way films reach film fans is rapidly changing. The Internet provides the only all-access opportunity for filmmakers, but is it a viable and safe way to actually reach an audience, much less, make money? Independent filmmakers go to markets and festivals seeking Hollywood distribution, but even when attained, the traditional studio model of film distribution tends to be ineffective with movies that lack bankable name actors. Thus, film fans miss the chance to enjoy many great films. New technologies are providing cost-effective marketing and delivery options for filmmakers that create working models for artists and fans alike. With over a billion Internet users, and a truckload of them having or attaining broadband capacity, the playing field is changing. But will it work?

Gaurav Dhillon, Founder and CEO of Jaman and former Founder and CEO of Silicon Valley powerhouse Informatica.

Moderator: Halfdan Hussey, Co-Founder and Director, Cinequest


PART IV: Revolutionizing Content for Audiences — A Conversation with J.J. Abrams

3:30pm - 5:00pm • California Theatre

Open your Maverick mind to new distribution technologies, community building that sells your film, and business models like nothing you've seen before. Join entrepreneur and Cinequest for an afternoon with modern Maverick, J.J. Abrams, the creative genus behind the Emmy Award-winning Lost, Alias and Felicity—three shows that have led to the current revolution in entertainment and sparked a phenomenon that has changed the way we view television.

Having been dubbed by many as a "triple threat"—a great writer, producer and director—Abrams is one of the few successful auteurs working today. As the creator and executive producer of Lost, Abrams garnered Emmy Awards for Outstanding Directing in a Drama Series as well as Outstanding Drama Series, and the show itself scored a record eleven nominations for a first year series and another eleven in its second year. Abrams also won a Golden Globe award for Outstanding Drama Series for Lost.

Abrams developed a passion for movies at the age of eight. Over the next ten years, he made a number of student films, which he entered in various film festivals, winning several awards. He gained a strong reputation as a screenwriter of such films as Armageddon, Forever Young and Regarding Henry. His first foray in television was as creator and executive producer of Felicity, which ran for four seasons on The WB, and made his directorial debut with two-part episode in the series' first season.

Under his production company Bad Robot, Abrams created and executive produced Alias, which garnered him another Emmy nomination for wiring. Abrams is also executive producer of recent endeavors What About Brian and Six Degrees, has made his feature film directorial debut with Mission Impossible 3, starring Tom Cruise, and has just announced that he will direct a new film for the Star Trek franchise. In addition to writing and directing, he composed the theme music for Alias and co-wrote the theme song for Felicity.

A moderated conversation with Mr. Abrams will explore his abilities to dynamically impact a worldwide audience through different filmed mediums as well as his diverse and original creativity.

Moderator: Laura J. Phelps, Cinequest Board Member, is an executive at Anagran, Inc. The combination of technology and arts has been integral to Laura's life. "More innovation leads to more expression."

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