The Prince's Respite

The Prince's Respite (A H

The Prince's Respite

Running Time: 90 mins

After a fatal confrontation with a mugger, Alida is given the rare opportunity to reclaim her life. The problem is: she has exactly one minute to do it. Prolific director Peter Timar is known for his “out-there” ideas, and this dynamic battle between good and evil is a perfect addition to his repertoire.

Alida is the epitome of success. As a stunning and revered Hungarian model, she has little to complain about. Everything changes when Alida is fatally shot by a desperate mugger. She immediately drifts off into the afterlife where she encounters a devilish figure named, Astaroth.

Astaroth offers Alida the chance to live under one condition: she has to convince somebody to die in her place. Upon her return to the real world, Alida realizes that time has become unbearably cyclic; it repeats itself every minute, giving her exactly one minute to convince a person to die in her place—a task that proves quite daunting when being chased by three relentless horsemen who are intent on taking her life.

Anh Nguyen