The Trouble with Romance

The Trouble with Romance

The Trouble with Romance

Running Time: 88 mins

Relationships are minefields; tread lightly. A romantic comedy about the perils of love.

Over the course of one night, in separate rooms of one hotel, four couples struggle to understand the meaning of love. Jack and Jill can't get up the hill because Steve is blocking their way. The seven-year marriage of Paul and Karen could use a little spice, but perhaps not as much as this night holds. Jimmy is from Mars and Steph is from Venus, and their commitment issues span the universe. And Nicole thought she knew what men wanted—and what she wanted, for that matter—but Charlie is not just any guy.

Infusing his film with a steady visual flair, director Gene Rhee has a lot to say about romance, breaking up, moving on, starting over and simply trying to recognize when you've found the one. What happens when “you” and “I” become “we”? In the end, we all yearn for love despite the trouble with romance

Shaminder Dulai

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