The Pacific and Eddy

The Pacific and Eddy

The Pacific and Eddy

Running Time: 87 mins

A lyrical film that captures the angst and confusion of growing up and balancing what you should do with what you must do.

When a life shattering event rocked the foundation of a small collection of friends, Eddy decided to leave and spend a year traveling and living what he thought was his dream. However, when there is no where else to run from his problems, Eddy comes home.

At a crossroads and unable to find the answers he needs, Eddy returns only to find that everyone else has moved on in his absence. New jobs, new loves and new dreams for all those that he knew, make it seem as if everyone has it all figured out…or do they?

Director Matthew Nourse crafts a beautiful and evocative feature debut whose characters are in places that are immediately familiar. It examines one man's quest to find his place and begs the question, “are there even answers to be found?” Following in the tradition of Blow Up and Code Unknown—where information is oblique and often challenging—the film flourishes with visual bravado, accompanied by a musical soundtrack that is as much a character as the people. Eddy's story affects the viewer immediately and resonates for days beyond.

Preceded by: The Heart Collector; dir. Michael Fallik; 6min.; A man with no heart rips out the hearts of lovers in order to make himself one of his own.

Shaminder Dulai