Military Intelligence and You

Military Intelligence and

Military Intelligence and You

Running Time: 80 mins

Follow the hilarious exploits and mishaps of an often clueless bunch Second World War American military desperately seeking the hidden location of a deadly German fighter plane base from their cartoon-like war room.

Cleverly combining new footage with that of vintage World War II training and dramatic films (including scenes with the likes of Alan Ladd, William Holden, and Elisha Cook Jr., among others), this send-up deftly skewers that era’s military stereotypes and clichés, while at the same time getting in some not so subtle digs against the current administration’s own empty platitudes and arrogance.

The motley and bumbling crew includes Major Nick Reed as a fatuous and stone-hearted military analyst, hell-bent on locating the Ghost Squadron base, his old flame, Lt. Tasty, her current beau, Major Dunning, and the totally clueless General Jake Tasker, seriously deluded into thinking he’s actually in charge. It’s a tongue-in-cheek, Zuckeresque ride into the Heart of Dimness that, at the same time, oddly enough, manages to uncover an ironic and contemporary truth.

Pete Crane

Preceded by: Der Ostwind; dir. Kohl Glass; 11min.; In despair of finding a worthy opponent, Wolfgang von Kellermann, the German WWI ace known as Der Ostwind, is attacked by a seemingly invulnerable American. As Kellerman becomes increasingly obsessed with seeing his deadly opponent's face, he finds himself.