Urban Explorers

Urban Explorers: Into the

Urban Explorers

Running Time: 88 mins

Welcome to the captivating world of urban exploration, an unexamined subculture of fearless thrill-seekers who lurk beneath city sewers and trespass into long-abandoned buildings, defiantly searching for unseen treasures of modern civilization.

In recent years, there has been an emergence of a culture that few people have heard about: urban exploration. Intrigued by the hidden underbelly of modern civilization, urban explorers go through great lengths just to catch a glimpse of the unseen. These eccentric individuals put their lives at risk by wading through thick sewage in methane-filled sewers, breaking into asbestos-covered buildings, and precariously dangling a hundred feet above giant manholes.

Urban explorers trespass for the thrill, viewing their endeavors as an underappreciated form of art, and members even fly around the world to meet up with their peers at urban explorer conventions. Together, these individuals have established a network which spans the globe, with countries ranging from the United States, France, to Italy. Never one to shy from subjects that many may consider too alien, director Melody Gilbert’s (Whole, Life Without Pain) Urban Explorers uncovers a fascinating subculture and offers a rare opportunity inside a world of odd, and somewhat misunderstood individuals, who willingly bask in the underground frontier.

Anh Nguyen