Without You

Without You (Sin Ti)

Without You

Running Time: 97 mins

A sudden accident causes a painter to go blind, forcing her to re-examine her life’s purpose. A moving tale of self-discovery and the unbearable nature of solitude, Without You examines the intricate and multi-faceted nature of healing.

Lucia is a successful artist living the idyllic life of comfort and security. After a senseless accident, her sense of vision is taken away from her. Lucia quickly realizes that she is unable to rely on anyone for comfort, even her own family. With a husband who grows increasingly distant, and a daughter who is embarrassed to be seen with a handicapped mother, Lucia discovers that love is not entirely unconditional. During her therapy, Lucia finds a ray of hope in the hospital patients, as well as her blunt and stern therapist named, Laura.

Through the story of Lucia, director Raimon Masllorens brilliantly captures the pain and joy of the human spirit, while the stunning Ana Fernandez (I Know Who You Are – Cinequest, 2000) portrays Lucia’s strengths and weaknesses exquisitely. Without You is a story of faith and second chances, where the old senses are lost, and new ones are discovered.

Anh Nguyen

This film has been presented by The Castellano Family