More Than Anything in the World

More Than Anything In The

More Than Anything in the World

Running Time: 90 mins

Winner of two Best First Film awards from the Guadalajara and Montreal Film Festivals, More Than Anything Else in the Word is a striking debut with an extraordinary sense of humor and visual flare.

Seven-year-old Alicia lives with her mother in an apartment. Alicia and her mother are the best of friends, and nothing could come between them—until Mom begins to bring her dates home. Through the suggestions and overactive imagination of a friend at school, Alicia begins to believe that her mother is possessed by a vampire—a vampire whom Alicia believe lives next door, in the guise of a sickly old man. Taking matters into her own hands, Alicia decides to enter the “vampire’s” apartment and place a cross on his chest to break her mother’s curse. Alicia will do anything to save her mother.

“The captivating young lead gives a rich performance with layers of emotional range rarely seen in such a young actress.” Artfully combining the surreal, the comic, the poignant and the tragic, directors and co-writers Andres Leon Becker and Javier Solar offer an enchanting and original mother/daughter relationship story that is heartfelt and absolutely mesmerizing.

Tamee Tanoor

This film has been presented by The Castellano Family