The Prince of Soap

The Prince of Soap (saipp

The Prince of Soap

Running Time: 97 mins

Unemployed and hoping for any kind of work at a Finnish TV station, young and beautiful Ilona ends up being interviewed in the wrong office where, to her astonishment, she’s hired as a writer for a soap opera.

Ilona becomes immediately infatuated with Kalle, the star of the show, and soon begins using her scripts as a seduction tool. Ilona comes to find that Kalle is unavailable, because he's with the show’s producer Raakel, who is married. Ilona and Raakel soon lock horns in a manic fight over Kalle using the show’s myriad plots, and what plays out is a hilarious mirror of a true soap opera. Their battle ironically produces the best scripts the show's ever had. In true soap opera form, the final act will be played out during the season’s finale, which airs live.

Janne Kuusi’s The Prince of Soap is a romp with twists and turns that would make Joan Collins proud. With spot-on comedic timing from the entire cast—especially the three leads—it’s an off-beat tale filled with chaos, hilarity, spice and sexiness.

Sandy Wolf