Maria's Men

Maria's Men (Marias menn)

Maria's Men

Running Time: 78 mins

Maria’s Men is a delightful romantic comedy about a divorced single mom who must choose if giving love a second chance is for her.

Forty year-old Maria, who’s got a cool grip on her life, is an unconventional single mom of three children. Her demanding career as a surgeon and her house full of children are plenty. Men are a finished chapter, even if colleague Hege says differently. That is until Fredrik suddenly appears. He’s interesting, attractive and mature, all in all quite perfect for Maria. But, then there’s Jonas. He’s charming, very funny and 25-years-old. Maria starts to lose her control, and falls in love. This all gets very complicated when her ex-husband Lasse returns, demanding full custody of the children.

Director Vibeke Ringen’s feature debut is a modern look at love for the single woman whose life is not so complicated until men get involved. It is a story of that basic human emotion called love—something that always complicates matters. The stunning Ingjerd Egeberg gives a dazzling performance as Maria, and watching as her story unfolds, we are reminded that we must listen to our hearts and live our lives to the fullest.

Tamee Tanoor