Running Time: 118 mins

A grandfather, a father, a son, soy sauce and the family chicken in this fable from Indonesia. It's all in the family.

After a terrible accident that puts a family’s patriarch and soy sauce tycoon in the hospital—along with ridding the company of its chicken mascot—the prodigal son is summoned. Dennis is forced to cut his studies short in Japan and rush home to helm the family soy sauce business, but he can have the company under only one condition: if he can deliver a new chicken mascot to replace the iconic bird that perished…and he has only fourteen days to accomplish the task.

Dennis hits the road to fulfill his destiny—along the way facing the usual road trip perils: getting lost, flat tires, crazed goats, cursed American movie directors, spy crazed villagers and legendary rivers.

Robin Moran’s Maskot is a magical fairy tale delightfully blending comedy and adventure that presents Indonesia in its entire colorful splendor. Perfect for the entire family!

Shaminder Dulai