Cinequest Film Festival 17 - Global Landscapes

Cinequest Film Festival 17 - Global Landscapes

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This year's incredible Global Landscapes program offers a multitude of exhilarating artistic achievements from 18 countries, spanning the globe to present unique visions from diverse cultures and creeds. Demonstrating a depth of imagination and variety of subject matter that can only be explored by diversity, this showcase offers views from some of the new voices investigating fresh themes in unique ways. Global Landscapes is always an extraordinary group of films, spotlighting cultures whose influence has a significant global impact on the changing face of cinema.

These Maverick filmmakers explore themes ranging from terrorism to religion or fighting for your beliefs to fighting for love. Every story is filled with a passion for life, creating a truly unique experience with each film. Poignant, compelling, surprising, sometimes funny, but always undeniably Maverick—these films are a must for cinema lovers!

All films in Global Landscape are eligible for the Global Vision Award, awarded to the filmmaker who defies convention and exhibits work of universal vision, making bold use of storytelling to create evocative cinema of the future.

Love Sick

Asian Film Showcase

Asian Film Showcase features the following feature-length films:

Batad (Philippines)

North American Premiere

Courthouse on the Horseback (China)

North American Premiere

Curiosity Kills the Cat (China)

United States Premiere

Maskot (Indonesian)

North American Premiere

The White Silk Dress (Vietnam)

North American Premiere

Focus on the Balkans

Focus on the Balkans features the following feature-length films:

Awakening from the Dead (Serbia)

Love Sick (Romania)

The Melon Route (Croatia)

United States Premiere

Seven and a Half (Serbia)

North American Premiere

Two Players from the Bench (Croatia)

Latino Film Showcase

The Latino Film Showcase features the following feature-length films:

Cortos de Mexico (Mexico)

The Guerilla and the Hope: Lucio Cabañas (Mexico)

Resisting Life (Mexico)

More Than Anything In The World (Mexico)

Sangre (Mexico)

Without You (Spain)

North American Premiere

World Showcase

World Showcase features the following feature-length films:

Fresh Air (Hungary)

Frozen Days (Israel)

Just Sex and Nothing Else (Hungary)

Man Exposed (Finland)

Maria's Men (Norway)

North American Premiere

Pingpong (Germany)

The Prince of Soap (Finland)

North American Premiere

The Prince's Respite (Hungary)

North American Premiere

Pure Hearts (Denmark)

United States Premiere

Rail Yard Blues (Czech Republic)

North American Premiere

Slumming (Austria)

We Shall Overcome (Denmark)