Closing Night Gala - The Owl and the Sparrow

Closing - The Owl and the

Closing Night Gala - The Owl and the Sparrow

Running Time: 97 mins

Director Stephane Gauger's Owl and the Sparrow is the spectacularly moving story of three people, each alone in his/her own way, who find that what they need most is each other.

Thuy, Lan and Hai are just three of the eight million people in modern-day Saigon trying to find their significance in the world.  Unappreciated and unloved by the only family she has left, Thuy runs away to the city, relying on the kindness of strangers in order to survive.  For beautiful and compassionate flight attendant, Lan, life should be perfect.  But an unfulfilling affair amplifies her loneliness, and her only sense of stability is checking in and out of the same hotel week after week.  Hai is a zookeeper who mends his broken heart through his friendship with the animals for whom he cares.  Three ordinary lives unlikely to intertwine, yet when they connect, they begin the foundation for a unique family.

A fusion of the commonplace stories and the bustling energy of modern Saigon, Owl and the Sparrow weaves a hopeful tale of friendship, love and family.  Mixing beautiful cinematography, impeccable acting and a richly textured script, it is a stunning mosaic that captures the essence of every human’s desire: to be loved.

Following the screening, we invite you to join Cinequest and filmmakers at the Closing Night party (which includes the Award Ceremony) in downtown San Jose hosted by the Loft Bar and Bistro and Voodoo Lounge.   Enjoy cocktails, appetizers and great music by Krister Axel from My Phat TV. Come celebrate with other film fans around the world!