Cinequest Film Festival 16 - Forum Panelists

Cinequest Film Festival 16 - Forum Panelists

Running Time: N/A

Day of The Writer • Thursday, March 2, 2006

PART I, TRACK A: Scripting: The First Step in Creating a Successful Screenplay

Presenter - Barnaby Dallas

PART I, TRACK B: Murder, Molls and Mouthpieces: An Insider’s View of Crime and Screenwriting

Presenter - Robert G. Phelps

PART II Structuring the Script: Three Act Linearity

Presenter - Prof. Scott Sublett

PAR T III Legend Vs. Legend: An Afternoon with Lew Hunter and Richard Walter

Moderator - James Dalessandro

Lew Hunter
Richard Walter


Screenwriting Competition Jurors:

Chair: Betty Ewing, Opinionated Films
Jens Hussey, Cinequest
Nancy Rae Stone, Beacon Pictures
Janet Jeffries, A Band Apart Films
Erik Bauer, Creative Screenwriting
Golareh Safarian, Q Media Partners
Wanda Piety, Supernal Studios

Staged Reading - Free to Day of Writer Ticketholders

Director - David Kahn
Director - John W. Kim

Day of Post • Friday, March 3, 2006

PART I: The Cutting Edge: The Magic of Movie Editing Film Presentation

No Presenters.

Part II : The Cutting Edge: Panel of Expert Editors

Moderator - Michael Rogers

Wendy Appel, Producer / Director
Steven B. Cohen, Ascent Media Creative Services
Tom Rolf, Editor (Taxi Driver, Jacob’s Ladder, Heat)
Nick Smith, Pixar

PART III: Maverick FX – Creature Creation and Capturing

Wanda Piety and Dragon Dronet, Renegade Effects
Ron Thornton

Day of the Cinematographer • Saturday, March 4, 2006

Moderator - Laurence J. Thorpe

Note: Laurence J. Thorpe is the Moderator for the entire Day of the Cinematographer.

PART I : Just Right: Digital Motion Picture Production - Mainstream 24P

Melissa Balin, Producer / Director
Mark Chiolis, GVG / Thomson
Steven Cohen, Ascent Media Creative Services
Michael Maley, Director of Photography
Jeff Merritt, Panasonic
Rob Willox, Sony

PART II: Keeping up with the Jones’s: Innovations in Shooting Digital Large Format

John Coghill, Dalsa
John Galt, Panavision
Bill Hill, Imco
Hiroshi Shimamoto

PART III: Great Things Come in Small Packages: Digital Motion Picture Production Small Format

Hugo Gaggioni, Sony
Jeff Merritt, Panasonic
Jeffrey Seckendorf, Director of Photography
Tim Smith, Canon
Craig Yanagi, JVC

Day of Distribution • Friday, March 10th

PART I: Selling your Film

Moderator - Robert G. Phelps

Mark Halperin, Magic Lamp Releasing
Randolph Kret, Indican Pictures
Thomas Mai, Katapult Films
Edward Noeltner, Cinema Management Group
Peter Wetherell, Magus Entertainment Inc.

PART II: Media & Movies – Getting the Word Out

Moderator - Jens Hussey

Joel Coler, Joel Coler and Friends
Dennis Harvey, Variety
Michael Gibbons, Indie Wire
Marla Levin Halperin
Shana Liebman, The Independent

PART III: Mobile Movies

Moderator - Carlos Montalvo

Matt Crowley, Palm
Barbara Herndon from Rugrats
Duncan Kennedy
Mitchell Weinstock, Kinoma

PART IV: Internet Film Distribution – The Democratization of Opportunity

Moderator - Mike Homer

Day of the Producer • Saturday, March 11, 2006

PART I: Creative Producing – Nuts and Bolts to Advanced Methods for Today’s Producer

Moderator - Jens Hussey

Bic Tran Lakeshore
Steven Haft
Joe Dante, Director/Producer
Betsy Pollock, AFI
Jeff Colvin, Comerica
Denise Sirkot, Gracie Films
Bryan Yorke, Opinionated Films

PART II : The Right Tools for the Right Movie - Filmmaking Solutions for Producers, Directors and DP’s

Mark Ruppert, Executive Producer, 48 Hour Film Project, Inc.

PART III: Explore Your Digital Life

Karl Liebat, Intel

PART IV: Meeting of Maverick Moguls

Moderator - William R. Hearst III

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