Cinequest Film Festival 16 - Viewers' Voice

Viewers' Voice

Cinequest Film Festival 16 - Viewers' Voice

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In February 2006, thousands of independent film lovers, filmmakers, and distributors will screen and select a short and feature film on Cinequest Online for festival play during Cinequest Film Festival 16. The lineup last year included features and shorts in every genre – documentaries, dramas, comedies, and animation – from every corner of the globe – Dubai to Hawaii, London to San Francisco - and this year is no different!

Viewers' Voice is now a year-round competition with four unique voting periods throughout the year: March - June, July - October, November - January and February. Since the format of the competition changed from the previous year, we can now announce some of the winners!

Winners of the March - June 2005 Voting Period:
Feature Film - Sex Farce
Short Film - The Adventures of Supernigger

Winners of the July - October 2005 Voting Period:
Feature Film - Almost
Short Film - Bad Behavior

Winners of the November - January Voting Period:
Feature Film - Zooey
Short Film - Bunny

Winners of the February Voting Period:
Feature Film - Busgirl
Short Film - Glorious Sacrifice