Cinequest Film Festival 16 - Maverick Competition

Cinequest Film Festival 16 - Maverick Competition

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Cinequest Offers You the World

1,800 film submissions...over 30 countries…4 months of intense viewing…11 sets of bleary eyes...342 cups of coffee/soda…8 bottles of Visine… That’s about what it took to put together the 2006 Cinequest film program.

For the past 16 years, Cinequest has been committed to screening some of the best cinema from around the world and from right in our own backyard. This year, we are especially proud of the programs we have put together because the films and filmmakers are exceptional. Cinequest 16 offers over 200 films from around the world. They have been categorized to reflect the festival's overall spirit, its desire to bring the world to you doorstep, its objective to discover new voices in cinema, and its Maverick sensibilities. It is the Maverick spirit and the distinctness of our programs that define Cinequest and make the festival so enjoyable for film lovers and professionals.

Cinequest’s 2006 Maverick Competition explores diverse genres, vibrant cultures, and passionate visions. This year participants represent over 20 countries and have composed 16 narrative feature films, 12 feature documentaries and 60 short films.

Awards in the section will be given for Best First Feature Narrative, Best Feature Documentary, Best Short Documentary, Best Short Narrative, Best Short Animated Film, Best Student Film, and our top prize the Maverick Spirit Award – awarded to the feature narrative that the jury feels is the most bold, personal and maverick.

Loving Annabelle

Narrative Features

Narrative Feature Competition

About the Looking For and Finding of Love

An Enemy of the People


For the Living and the Dead


Little Athens

Loving Annabelle


Shark in the Head

The Forbidden Chapter

The Gold Bracelet

The Judge

The Last Suspect

The Sacred Family

The West Wittering Affair

Truth or Dare

The jury for the Narrative Features contains:

Alisson Mckee
Alison McKee has a Ph.D. from UCLA's Department of Film, Television, and Digital Media and is a Lecturer in the Department of Television-Radio-Film-Theatre at San Jose State University where she teaches undergraduate and graduate courses. She also guest-lectures at UC Santa Cruz and Stanford.

Coeditor of a collection of articles on feminism and international film history, Reclaiming the Archive: Feminism and Film History (forthcoming, Wayne State University Press), Alison participated last fall in a symposium on feminism and film history in Tokyo at Meiji Gakuin University and included fellow participants Vicki Callahan, Laura Mulvey, Janet Staiger, and Patricia White.

Steve Rhodes
A real Cinequest type of maverick whose background includes technology and film, Steve Rhodes got his Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of California, Berkeley and worked at many of the premium technology companies of Silicon Valley, including Apple, Hewlett Packard and Tandem, before switching careers to become one of the first on-line film critics. A founding member of the On-Line Film Critics Society, Steve's reviews and his loyal readers can be found literally all over the world. Now in his fifteenth year as an on-line film critic and one of the world's most prolific on-line reviewers, he has recently published his 3,000th film review. His work appears on Rotten Tomatoes, the Internet Movie Data Base and many other websites. He has covered Cinequest every year for the past ten years, and his reviews of past Cinequest films can be found with all of his other reviews at

Documentaries and Short Films

Feature Documentary Competition

American Blackout

Andrew Jenks, Room 335

Back Home

Clear Cut: The Story of Philomath, Oregon

Dare Not Walk Alone

Freedom's Fury

God and Gays: Bridging the Gap

Hand of God


My Child: Mothers of War

States of Unbelonging

The Immigrant

Short Film Competition

Short Program 1: Hit the Ground Laughing

Short Program 2: International Affairs

Shorts Program 3: In Combination

Shorts Program 4: Animated Worlds

Shorts Program 5: Cineverses

Shorts Program 6: Seens

Shorts Program 7: Student Shorts


The jury for the Documentaries and Short Films competition contains:

Jan Krawitz
Jan Krawitz has been making documentary films for 30 years. Her work has been exhibited and awarded at film festivals in the United States and abroad, among them Sundance, the New York Film Festival, Full Frame, Nyons, Edinburgh, Margaret Mead, London, and Sydney. Films in distribution include Big Enough, In Harm's Way, Mirror Mirror, Drive-In Blues, Little People, Styx. Five of these films have been broadcast on national PBS, the Discovery Channel, and the Learning Channel. Little People was nominated for a national Emmy award and was featured in a story on NPR's "All Things Considered." Excerpts from her work have been shown on ABC Nightline, Good Morning America, and 20/20.

Jan Krawitz is a Professor in the Graduate Program in Documentary Film and Video at Stanford University.

Tony Levelle
Tony Levelle is a writer living in northern California. His most recent book, 'Producing With Passion,' co-authored with Oscar-nominated, Emmy-winning filmmaker Dorothy Fadiman, is scheduled for release in late 2006. His next book is about digital movie cameras. He is also a director on a Lake County non-profit organization devoted arts and education. He teaches video production and runs an annual video contest for Lake County students.