Global Landscapes

Global Landscapes

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This year's amazing Global Landscapes gives innovative views from 16 countries, spanning the globe to provide unique visions from dif-ferent cultures and creeds. Demonstrating a depth of artistry and variety of subject matter that can be explored only by diversity, this showcase offers views from some of the fresh new voices investigating new and old themes in unique ways. Global Landscapes is always an extraordinary group of films, spotlighting cultures whose influence has a significant global impact on the changing face of cinema.

These Maverick filmmakers explore themes ranging from patriotism to immigration or fighting for one's life to fighting for love. Every story is filled with emotion, creating a truly special experience with each new film. Always poignant, compelling, surprising and some-times funny, these films must be experienced!

All films in Global Landscapes are eligible for the Director's Award: Global Vision, awarded to the filmmaker who defies convention and exhibits work of universal vision, making bold use of storytelling to create evocative cinema of the future.

20 Centimeters, Spain

Latino Film Showcase

Latino Film Showcase features the following feature-length films:

20 Centimeters (Spain)

Carambola (Mexico)


Cortos de Mexico (Mexico)

Heroine (Spain)

Maria's Place (Brazil)

On the Other Side (Mexico)


Winning the Battle (Puerto Rico)


World Showcase

The World Showcase features the following feature-length films:

Ambulance (Denmark)

North American Premiere

Dam Street (China)


Falling...In Love (Taiwan)


Far Side of the Moon (Canada)


Fatherland - A Hunter's Diary (Czech Republic)


Fragile (Switzerland)

North American Premiere

Frozen Land (Finland)

It's a Mismatch (USA)

World Premiere

Kissed by Winter (Norway)

Kukumi (Kosovo)

North American Premiere

Lomax - The Songhunter (The Netherlands)

Milk and Opium (India)

North American Premiere

Next Door (Norway)

Rice Rhapsody (Hong Kong)

Shades of Happiness (Finland)

The Big Day (Denmark)

North American Premiere

The Passion of the Mao (USA and China)

World Premiere

Who the Hell is Bonnie and Clyde? (Hungary)