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Think of Cinequest as a catalyst: Cinequest discovers films, connects films to their fans and empowers film artists with the knowledge and technologies to make and distribute their visions. Cinequest has built a reputation for being a trend-setter, leading the way in promoting and exposing digital tools that aid creativity and delivery of Maverick, independent and international cinema. As Chris Gore, author of The Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide has stated: “This festival is one that sets the trends and is actually ahead of the trends. Other festivals are copying Cinequest; I see it all the time… You find the future of film at Cinequest.” At CQFF16, Cinequest, in conjunction with exclusive partners, will present a series of forums, structured as thematic days, that will empower via exposure to cutting-edge technologies as well as wisdom and how-to knowledge from leading film professionals.

Note: Ticket price for each "Day Of" Forum includes entrance into all of that day's presentations/parts.

Day of The Writer • Thursday, March 2, 2006 - $30

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Day of the Writer is comprised of three parts (Part I, Part II, Part III). All three parts and the staged reading are included in the $30 ticket price. Choose between Track A or B for Part I. Everybody participates in the same events for Parts II and III.

PART I, TRACK A: Scripting: The First Step in Creating a Successful Screenplay

9:30am • San Jose Repertory Theatre

Do you have a great idea for a screenplay? Barnaby Dallas will discuss the 5 "W"s essential to creating a compelling script that will grab and hold your reader’s attention. Equipped with Barnaby’s tools, writing and marketing your script successfully will be a snap. If you're unfamiliar with the basics of creating a master screenplay or need a refresher course, this presentation will provide you with the essential tools and strategies that you need to maximize your story's potential. Renowned for his "cut to the chase" lecture style, Barnaby will quickly bring you up to speed on the fundamentals of dramatic structure, character development and dialogue; the fundamentals you need to create a master screenplay.

Presenter - Barnaby Dallas is Director of Film Production for South Bay Film Studios and a Screenwriting Instructor at San Jose State University. He recently produced Drifting Elegant (written by Stephen Belber). His other film credits include: Co-Producer for the feature film Seizing Me; Associate Producer for the feature film Intentions; and Co-Producer for Ball Lighting (written by Barry Gifford).

PART I, TRACK B: Murder, Molls and Mouthpieces: An Insider’s View of Crime and Screenwriting

9:30am • Camera 12 Cinemas

Here’s an offer you can’t refuse: the chance to get an insider’s look at crime stories from veteran deputy public defender and screenwriter Robert G. Phelps. From Little Ceasar and The Godfather to Pulp Fiction and The Big Lebowski, Mr. Phelps will break down the essential screenplay elements of crime stories with an eye toward creating characters and situations that bleed with realism and originality. Whatever your favorite genre, bring your fedora and your questions to this one and learn why crime pays if you are a screenwriter.

Presenter - Robert G. Phelps graduated summa cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania and from Hastings College of the Law. He works as a deputy public defender in Santa Clara County.

PART II Structuring the Script: Three Act Linearity

11:00am • San Jose Repertory Theatre

Whether you’re a novice or a pro, this class will enable you to polish your script. San Jose State University professor Scott Sublett will cover the fine points of story and scene design including step outlines, plotting, conflict, set-ups and payoffs, foreshadowing and reversals. With his engaging style, Scott will equip you to shape your material for maximum impact.

Presenter - Prof. Scott Sublett is a screenwriter and the Head of Writing for SJSU's Dept. of TV, Radio, Film and Theatre. He holds an MFA in screenwriting from UCLA's film school. His musical "Bye-Bye bin Laden" was named "one of the top five premieres of 2004" by the San Francisco Bay Guardian.

PAR T III Legend Vs. Legend: An Afternoon with Lew Hunter and Richard Walter

1:30pm • San Jose Repertory Theatre

If you talk to the world’s most successful screenwriters, you'll learn that many mastered their craft studying with Richard Walter and Lew Hunter at UCLA. Cinequest is proud to bring these two legends together for an elite panel moderated by their former student and protégé, James Dalessandro. Want to write a great screenplay? Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to have two masters discuss the various elements to achieving your dream. Walter and Hunter will discuss and debate a range of important topics including character development, story and how to be innovative while being effective. Richard Walter is the chairman of UCLA’s Screenwriting Department and author of “Screenwriting: The Art, Craft and Business of Film and Television Writing," "The Whole Picture: A Screenwriter’s Handbook" and the best selling novel "Escape from Film School." His class “Screenwriting: Beyond the Basics” packs in screenwriting students around the world. Lew Hunter is the Chairman Emeritus and Professor of Screenwriting at UCLA and a member of the American Screenwriters Association Hall of Fame. He is the author of “Lew Hunter’s Screenwriting 434." His drama special "Fallen Angel” was nominated for an Emmy. He established the Superior Screenwriting Colony in Nebraska which spawned Alexander Payne, the Academy Award winning writer of Sideways.

Don’t miss this dynamic and rare chance get your “M.F.A. in a Day” from these entertaining and world-renowned screenwriting experts.

Moderator - James Dalessandro is the Bay Area’s premiere screenwriting instructor. His adaptation of his best selling novel 1906 will soon begin production at Warner Brothers. He is the writer/director of the documentary The Damndest, Finest Ruins and feature film San Joaquin.

Note: Cinequest Screenplay Competition winners will be announced at the beginning of this event.


Screenwriting Competition received submissions from hundreds of screenwriters.

The three winners to be announced during The Day of the Writer.

Alright, Thomas Moore
Blood Sucking Leeches and Flesh Eating Maggots, Adam Balsam
The Bullfighter from Brooklyn, Ian Grody
The Fourth Wall, Doug McCord
The Guild, Philip Landa
Juan Doe, Mary Szmagaj
Meaningless Sex, James Cude
New World Otter, Ellen Hall
Spying Lives, Jessica Gohlke
Viral, Mark Kratter

Staged Reading - Free to Day of Writer Ticketholders

Friday, March 3 • 9:30am – Noon • San Jose State University Theatre

This is your chance to see and hear our judges' selection where it belongs: in action!? A group of talented actors performs a rehearsed reading designed to bring the script to life and give audience members a great way to experience the "good read."

Director - David Kahn is professor and head of the graduate program of Television, Radio, Film and Theatre at San Jose State University. He was founding artistic director of Sierra Repertory Theatre, production manager of the Eureka Theatre Co., and managing director of the Bay Area Playwrights Festival. In 2001, he received the Kennedy Center-American College Theatre Festival "Excellence in Education" Award.

Director - John W. Kim is an award winning director and writer who has covered the film industry for over ten years. His most recent feature script,
Blur, was a semifinalist in the Motion Picture Academy's Nicholl Fellowship, and is scheduled for production this summer in the Bay Area.

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Day of Post • Friday, March 3, 2006 - $15

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PART I: The Cutting Edge: The Magic of Movie Editing Film Presentation

10:30am • San Jose Repertory Theatre

When we watch the seamless flow of a great film, we typically ignore the person most responsible for the manipulation of images and sound: the film editor. The Cutting Edge takes us inside the filmmaking process by revealing the invisible art of editing a film. An all star line-up of directors, including Jodie Foster, discusses with remarkable candor the inspirations and influences that affected their own individual style with the use of an incredibly wide array of film clips. World famous editors such as Dede Allen, Walter Murch, and long time Scorcese collaborator Thelma Schoonmaker take us inside their works on some of cinema’s greatest films to reveal their secrets, and show us how the final product of a film is truly created. From the early days of Griffith and Eisenstein’s still breathtaking steps scene in Potemkin to the ground-breaking jump cuts of Godard’s Breathless, The Cutting Edge is a virtual film history course, focusing on the hidden art of an indispensable facet of every great movie. Narrated by Kathy Bates, The Cutting Edge is mandatory viewing for anyone who cares about and loves movies. Alright, we know that the process of making a movie is similar to fostering a relationship with a child. Every part of the film is important to you. However, just because you may have captured a beautiful moment doesn’t mean that it is an integral or necessary part of the film. This is where editing comes in. It won’t be easy to edit your film; you will inevitably have to delete some of your favorite scenes or shots. This section of the forum will help you to see how editing positively impacts your film with or without your babies. Learn all of this and more in our movie presentation of The Cutting Edge.

Part II : The Cutting Edge: Panel of Expert Editors

1:00pm • San Jose Repertory Theatre

A dynamic follow up to the film: join top editors in their discussion of and presentation on the editing process—from aesthetics to technology. The panel will explore the issues and challenges facing editors as they transform raw footage and sound into a compelling story.

Moderator - Michael Rogers is a Bay Area based editor. His work on documentaries include
Jackpot, Lives of Lottery Millionaires (TLC), El Salvador-Crisis and Challenge (PBS), and 2006 Cinequest entry, Freedom's Fury. He also edited On Location In Tulsa – The Making of Rumble Fish and Rumble Fish – The Percussion Based Score for the re-release of Francis Ford Coppola’s Special Edition DVD. Feature film credits include Crash My Funeral, Loneliness is Soul and Still Waters Burn.

PART III: Maverick FX – Creature Creation and Capturing

3:00pm • San Jose Repertory Theatre

Two of the most dynamic individuals in the realm of special effects are Wanda Piety and Dragon Dronet, owners of Renegade Effects Group. This husband-and-wife team has worked on a long list of top films including the Terminator films, The Chronicles of Riddick, Serenity, and Pirates of the Caribbean to name but a few. This luminous presentation includes Emmy award-winning Ron Thornton, considered by many to be the Godfather of visual effects. The trio will present a behind-the-scenes look at some of the groundbreaking technology and effects they used on the hit show Babylon 5. This will be a fun and fascinating exhibition you won’t want to miss.

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Day of the Cinematographer • Saturday, March 4, 2006 - $15

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With so many proven and leading edge tools available to both lessen costs and heighten visual creativity, cinematographers, directors and producers need to clearly understand what’s best in realizing their vision successfully. Legendary innovator, Larry Thorpe, and a lineup of the digital revolution’s leaders bring you three distinctive and exciting opportunities to be empowered by inside information. The past few years have witnessed a veritable explosion in digital high definition (HD) cinematography. The 2/3-inch image format cameras and camcorders that spearheaded the arrival of this technology a half dozen years ago continue to evolve with breath-taking rapidity. Imaging performance continues to dramatically improve, associated HD lenses unceasingly evolve, and overall production/postproduction system workflow - all the way to final 35mm film-out -advances apace. An extensive body of successful international features - that include Star Wars 3 and Collateral, to name but a few - have been originated with these digital 24P systems. At the same time, the past few years have seen a significant broadening of the digital cinematography landscape. At the very high-end, new 35mm digital cameras are emerging from Europe, Asia and the U.S. that offer new imaging capabilities for high-budget feature production. Simultaneously, the lower-budget production sectors are being offered an almost dizzying new range of lower cost professional digital camcorders that are exciting the world of documentary production and independent filmmaking. March 4th is a day entirely dedicated to an examination of all of these options. The intent is to help the filmmaker, producer and cinematographer better understand the capabilities offered by all of these digital origination systems -- from the viewpoints of the viability of the cameras, lenses and accessories as well as their image quality, system workflow and associated costs.

PART I : Just Right: Digital Motion Picture Production - Mainstream 24P

10am • San Jose Repertory Theatre

Digital motion picture cameras operating at 24 frames per second appeared in the marketplace in 2000. These are squarely based upon traditional three-imager cameras conforming to the internationally established 2/3-inch image format standard. Today, all of the world's major professional video camera manufacturers offer digital cameras and camcorders that incorporate numerous features and controls that empower the cinematographer. The highly competitive dynamic between these manufacturers continues to spur technological innovations that have elevated the image performance and operational capabilities of the se cameras to an extraordinarily high level, while also steadily lowering costs. Six years later, the international recommendations of the countless DPs who have used these digital acquisition systems are very evident in the many cinematic features in the contemporary cameras and camcorders. This session will involve a panel discussion between manufacture representatives and some key cinematographers who have used their digital acquisition systems for feature film productions, prime time television production, documentary and television commercial productions.

PART II: Keeping up with the Jones’s: Innovations in Shooting Digital Large Format

12:30pm • San Jose Repertory Theatre

This past year has seen new 35mm image format digital cameras enter the world of feature production. Their technology is unique in employing large single imager cameras and digital processing. The GENESIS camera from Panavision/Sony, the D-20 from ARRI, and the ORIGIN camera from Dalsa are all testament to an international initiative to offer filmmakers digital cameras that retain all of the imaging characteristics of the long-established 35mm motion picture film cameras. They all use existing 35mm motion picture film lenses. Each of these systems has its own unique digital technologies and operational innovations. Associated digital recording systems and postproduction workflows are being continuously refined by each. This session will involve a panel that allows expert representatives from all of these manufacturers to outline the salient attributes of their respective 35mm digital cameras and to speak to some of the early productions shot by each. They will be flanked by some of the cinematographers who have used their cameras and who will offer their own perspectives on their shooting experiences. Screenings of material shot by these cameras will accompany the various presentations.

PART III: Great Things Come in Small Packages: Digital Motion Picture Production Small Format

3:00pm • San Jose Repertory Theatre

Less than two years ago, a technological phenomenon in digital imaging burst onto the scene. The HDV format -- a DV tape-based high definition acquisition recording format developed by Canon, JVC, Sharp and Sony dramatically lowered the costs of digital HD origination and is now empowering countless lower-budget productions. Most of these systems are based upon a small image format of 1/3-inch (some 3.5 times smaller in area than the mainstream 2/3-inch systems) that facilitate highly compact digital HD camcorders. Virtually all of them incorporate 24-frame capabilities. The ergonomic and operational diversity of these products is astonishing and speaks to the awesome prowess of digital technology. More recently, in the past twelve months, new tapeless HD digital camcorders have separately emerged that add another layer to the rapidly broadening digital HD acquisition hierarchy. These, too, include 24 frame capabilities. Their disparate recording technologies include hard drive, optical disc and digital memory card technologies. Each offers its own unique capabilities and production innovations. This session will explore all of these smaller format systems with associated manufacturer representatives to apply creative and budgetary perspectives to their cost and performance capabilities. Screenings of program material shot with each format will aid in assessing the relative merits of each.

Moderator - Laurence J. Thorpe, National Executive, Canon: A visionary who helped pioneer HD and digital production in the broadcast and motion picture industry, Thorpe recently retired from his post as senior vice president of content creation systems for the broadcast and production systems division at Sony Electronics Inc. Thorpe is a renowned expert in the field of video acquisition and is a leader of the HDTV movement in the U.S. His impressive lists of accomplishments include pioneering HDTV market development in the U.S. Thorpe also holds ten patents in the field of broadcast development. Thorpe is an IEE Graduate (1961) of the College of Technology in Dublin, Ireland and received his Chartered Engineer (C. Eng.) and MIEE distinction in 1965 from the Institute of Electrical Engineers in London, England.

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Day of Distribution • Friday, March 10th - $25

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PART I: Selling your Film

9:45am • Camera 12 Cinemas

Come learn from top distribution companies and sales representatives as they discuss and demonstrate the tried and true methods of selling a film and reaching your audience. It used to be a major accomplishment to simply make an independent feature movie with professional production standards. For years, Cinequest has led the way to a more level playing field by championing and showcasing digital technologies that have made making a movie much more accessible. BUT, it seems no easier today to sell the independent movies that get made. Cinequest offers a dynamic, informative and diverse panel of industry leaders representing various capacities that effect the promotion and sales of a motion picture. Some of the issues explored will be the roles of sales agent versus distributor; an examination of the expanding capacities of distribution including theatrical, DVD, television, and VOD; insights into the different approaches and strategies for Foreign vs. Domestic; analysis of the pros and cons of simultaneous release in all capacities; and how to locate an appropriate agent or distributor for your film. This is a rare opportunity to get the inside picture of the distribution and marketing business.

Moderator - Robert G. Phelps: graduated summa cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania and from Hastings College of the Law. He works as a deputy public defender in Santa Clara County.

PART II: Media & Movies – Getting the Word Out

11:15am • Camera 12 Cinemas

The media plays a powerful role in a filmmaker’s life not only to get the word out about a film in release but also to create buzz on product that has not yet been signed to a distributor. This fascinating panel of top film media guests will offer a glimpse into a realm which not only plays a key part in a film’s success but also is a confusing entity for many filmmakers to navigate. This will be a great opportunity to learn about this business from the inside out.

Moderator - Jens Hussey: Jens is a PR specialist who has completed seven tours of duty as the Director of Public Relations for Cinequest. He also has experience in the publishing world where he worked in PR for Renaissance Media and St. Martin’s Press. He is a published writer and produced playwright.

PART III: Mobile Movies

Presented by Palm

1:15pm • Camera 12 Cinemas

PDA’s, cell phones and other handheld devices have opened a new channel for the distribution and marketing of film. As technology advances so do the ways in which filmmakers can distribute their vision. However, these digital devices are etching a new path for film content development as unique types of film play best – very short films that make their statement on a very small screen. Cinequest, therefore offers, for the first time, presentations and discussions on this new world--on the how-to’s of the mobile marketplace. Topics discussed will include: distribution opportunities, developing content specifically for the mobile market, ways to make money and an overview of the emerging mobile business models.

Moderator - Carlos Montalvo: Carlos is Senior Vice-President of Operation of He is a pioneering marketing executive and entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in the digital media industry. Over a ten year period, Carlos held several positions Apple Computer Inc, including VP and General Manager of Apple’s Interactive Media and QuickTime Group. He also served as Chief Marketing Officer at Virage Inc. overseeing the introduction of a wide range of video search technologies for the Internet and Entertainment Industry. He began his career at Xerox PARC where he was a member of the original UNICODE and J-STAR product teams. Carlos has been an active member of the Cinequest Board of Director’s since 1995.

PART IV: Internet Film Distribution – The Democratization of Opportunity

3:00pm • Camera 12 Cinemas

We’ve heard a lot about the new frontier of film distribution, the Internet, from fear to revelry. Without question, the Internet provides the only all-access opportunity for filmmakers, but is it a viable and safe way to actually reach an audience, much less, to make money? Independent filmmakers go to markets and festivals seeking distribution, but even when attained, the traditional studio model of film distribution tends to be ineffective with movies that lack bankable name actors. Luckily, new technologies are providing new cost effective marketing and delivery options for filmmakers that could create new models that work. This exciting, leading-edge forum will show you that real alternatives NOW exist to deliver feature length films at High Definition and DVD quality directly to their fans. With over a billion Internet users, and a swamp load of them having or attaining broadband capacity, there is truly a New-School approach to distribution forming. The panel will also look at new strategies in DVD distribution that make sense for the independent filmmaker. The panel presentation will present a true global marketplace and define the pros and cons of what might be a level playing field. And…the possibilities are truly empowering to the maverick artist. Join moderator Mike Homer (Chairman of Kontiki) and a powerful panel of the leading maverick minds in delivery technologies to open your horizons as a movie maker, producer or viewer.

Moderator - Mike Homer, Kontiki Chairman & Co-founder: Mike is also an investor and advisor to several Silicon Valley startups, including Opsware (formerly Loudcloud), Tellme Networks, Palm, and TiVo. Previously, Mike was a Senior Vice President at America Online. Before the acquisition of Netscape by AOL, he held various executive positions at Netscape Communications, including Executive Vice President and General Manager of Netscape Netcenter, and Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Earlier in his career, Mike gained valuable experience as Vice President of Engineering at EO Corporation and as Vice President of Marketing at GO Corporation. He earned a B.S. from the University of California at Berkeley.

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Comerica Presents:

Day of the Producer • Saturday, March 11, 2006 - $25

Click here to view the panelists for Day of the Producer

PART I: Creative Producing – Nuts and Bolts to Advanced Methods for Today’s Producer

10:00am • Camera 12 Theatres

Learn how to develop, make and market a successful movie. Beginners and seasoned professionals alike will gain inside knowledge in this how-to forum. Panelists will outline basic tried and true methods of producing and explore leading edge strategies ideally suited for today’s rapidly changing landscape of financing and distribution. Proven producers will provide what you need to know about the pipeline from acquisition of content, to financing, to casting, to production, to marketing, and finally to selling your film. Some of the questions and issues discussed will be: How does a producer succeed with traditional and creative funding methods? How important are bankable names in a movie and how do you get them? What type of content will most likely succeed as a completed movie? What roles do producer’s reps, publicists, consultants, attorneys and festivals play? How does one secure the right sales agent or distributor? Compare a sales agent versus a distributor? What is an international sales company compared to a domestic distributor? What about the various delivery media: Theatrical, DVD, TV, Internet? How does one best secure sales and distribution worldwide? How can film festivals help? What about industry screenings? What do attorneys do? And consultants? Publicists? How does a producer best create a strategic sales plan and execute it?

Moderator - Jens Hussey: Jens is a PR specialist who has completed seven tours of duty as the Director of Public Relations for Cinequest. He also has experience in the publishing world where he worked in PR for Renaissance Media and St. Martin’s Press. He is a published writer and produced playwright.

PART II : The Right Tools for the Right Movie - Filmmaking Solutions for Producers, Directors and DP’s

Presented by Panasonic

Noon • Camera 12 Cinemas

Picturing the possibilities of filmmaking from low to high budgets these days calls forth an array of exciting technology solutions. The challenge is to find the right creative tools for your movie—the tool that will best realize your vision while meeting the demands of your budget. The first part of this presentation will be an overview of choices available to capture your story. The second part of the presentation will be a fun and informative look at a very unique application of High Definition creativity within the extreme demands of a project called 48 Hour Films. In January, the 48 Hour Film Project partnered with Panasonic to create the HD Filmmaker Showdown. The 5 Top Filmmaking Teams from across the US were selected from more than 800 entries to make a short film in just 48 hours. Panasonic provided each team with the brand new AJ-HVX200 High Definition camera. At this Forum, the filmmakers will show clips and discuss their shoots and the experience of shooting in HD. Panasonic’s technology expert will demonstrate the exciting advantages of this new HD technology. Enjoy this engaging, must-experience, Forum including visual demonstrations, panel discussions and audience question and answers. Get the full perspective from the innovators and the creative users.

Presenters -

Jan Crittenden, Panasonic’s Product Line Manager (Panasonic is always ahead of the curve in providing filmmakers and producers with new technologies that make them more creative with less cost and greater production values).

Mark Ruppert, Executive Producer, 48 Hour Film Project, Inc.

PART III: Explore Your Digital Life

Presented by Intel

2:00pm • Camera 12 Cinemas

The rise of digital content and the growing number of homes around the world with broadband Internet connections is rapidly reshaping the way people can obtain and enjoy information and entertainment – from downloading TV programs and movies to watch from computers or TVs, to creating personal music collections on their cell phones. As our entertainment choices expand, consumers increasingly want the freedom to move their favorite TV show, movie or song to any personal technology device anywhere around their homes and to enable that experience among multiple users within the family. Enter Intel® Viiv™ technology. Intel Viiv technology is Intel’s new branded platform for home PCs that will enable consumers to more easily personalize, share and control their digital entertainment. The platform is designed to enhance and manage the enjoyment of digital entertainment by enabling a high-definition entertainment experience, connectivity for the latest online entertainment and CE-like features for simplified access to movies, music, games, television programs, photos and more using a remote control. Join Intel experts to learn how this exciting new “couch-friendly” entertainment solution will impact distribution and content development opportunities. The world’s changing…make sure you’re part of it or at least know how to live and succeed within it!

PART IV: Meeting of Maverick Moguls

3:30pm • Camera 12 Cinemas

Join Cinequest in one of its most exciting festival activities: Watch the excitement unfold in a moderated conversation between a Silicon Valley tycoon, William R. Hearst III - Partner of venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, and a Hollywood mogul, Avi Arad - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Marvel Studios. They will discuss such hot topics as the art of technology, and the business of art – making money vs. making great movies, the keys to success in producing independent and studio movies, and technology’s impact on the art and distribution of film. Will technologies ultimate destroy traditional Hollywood or merely reshape it?

Click here for more information on Avi Arad.

Moderator - William R. Hearst III is a partner with venture capitalists Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. He currently serves on the boards of: Akimbo, Applied Minds, Juniper Networks, Oblix, OnFiber, and RGB Networks. He is also a director of the Hearst Corporation, and Hearst-Argyle Television. Hearst is a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and a trustee of: The Hearst Foundation, Carnegie Institution of Washington, Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, California Academy of Sciences, and Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. Will Hearst was editor and publisher of the San Francisco Examiner from 1984 until 1995. He is a 1972 graduate of Harvard University, holding an AB degree in Mathematics.