Films By Category

Films By Category

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Cinequest Films by Category

Opening Night: Thank You for Smoking
Closing Night: Water

Maverick Narrative Competition
About the Looking for and the Finding of Love
An Enemy of the People
For the Living and the Dead
The Forbidden Chapter
The Gold Bracelet
The Judge
The Last Suspect
Little Athens
   w/ Full Disclosure
Loving Annabelle
Shark in the Head
Truth or Dare
The West Wittering Affair

Short Film Competition
Program 1: Hit the Ground Laughing
Program 2: International Affairs
Program 3: In Combination
Program 4: Animated Worlds
Program 5: Cineverses
Program 6: Seens
Program 7: Student Shorts

Bay and Beyond
Car Stories
   w/ 3-5 Pages
   Daily Specials
   The Last Woman on Earth
Occupied Minds
   w/ Out in the Heartland
Scared New World
Sound Man
   w/ Voicemail

Global Landscapes

Latino Film Showcase
20 Centimeters
Cortos de Mexico
Maria's Place
On the Other Side
Winning the Battle

World Showcase
The Big Day
Dam Street
Falling...In Love
Far Side of the Moon
Fatherland - A Hunter's Diary
Frozen Land
It's a Mismatch
Kissed by Winter
Lomax - The Songhunter
Milk and Opium
   w/ Los Coyotes
Next Door
The Passion of the Mao
Rice Rhapsody
Shades of Happiness
Who the Hell's Bonnie and Clyde?

Maverick Documentary Competition
American Blackout
   w/ Peso
Andrew Jenks, Room 335
   w/ 6 ft. in 7 min.
Back Home
   w/ Smitten
Clear Cut: The Story of Philomath, Oregon
   w/ The Braggart
Dare Not Walk Alone
   w/ Bodies and Souls
God and Gays: Bridging the Gap
   w/ Convincing Benny
Hand of God
    w/ Fuse
The Immigrant
   w/ Radio Grito
    w/ Who's the Top?
My Child: Mothers of War
   w/ Mario Makes a Movie
States of Unbelonging
    w/ Native New Yorker

Emerging Mavericks & New Visions
Á Colombia
   w/ Broken
Addison's Wall
   w/ Artistic License
The Ape
   w/ Project Huxley
   w/ Big Girl
    w/ Super Power Blues
Fall to Grace
    w/ Illegal
Files on the Wall
    w/ Internal Combustion
    w/ Afloat
For Sale By Owner
    w/ The Waiting Time
Freedom State
    w/ Dirty Mary
The Hamiltons
    w/ Super Powers
Hard Scrambled
    w/ Rock Cod Memories
In a Day
    w/ Smartcard
Punk Love
    w/ Men Shall Know Nothing...
    w/ Brother
    w/ Apple's Cherry
Seven Heavens
    w/ Splintered
Tracing Cowboys
Whole New Thing
   w/ Blindsight

Special Presentations
48 Hour Film Project - Best of 2005
The Big Question
Freedom's Fury
The O Tapes
Oui Non
Sergio Leone - The Way I See Things
   w/ Once Upon a Time in the West
Shorts Program: Mindbenders
Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take One & Take 2 1/2