Opening Night - Manual For Love Stories

Opening Night - Manual Fo

Opening Night - Manual For Love Stories

Running Time: 84 mins

United States Premiere

Cinequest is proud to open its richly diverse collection of works from around the world with the United States Premiere of José Roberto Torero's delightful Manual For Love Stories, a freewheeling Brazilian take on the comedy of romance. Or is it the romance of comedy?

This playfully ingenious script, worthy of the madcap twists of Charlie Kaufman (Being John Malkovich), charts the making of a romantic comedy from A to Z. Through a narrator’s ironic guide, audiences are invited to participate in the casting of the main players in the story, how their characters meet, and how they jump through the clichés of romance. Just when you think you’ve got this unique film figured out, it comes up with more and more surprises.

A breathless send-up of the stereotypes of the romantic movie genre, Manual For Love Stories offers a dazzling opener for Cinequest and a prime example of the originality that's always been a staple of the fest.