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Empowering the Maverick: Expanding Creative and Delivery Possibilities

Inspiring the Maverick in All of Us

Whereas the glitz-fests have started marketing themselves as digital leaders, because its become hip, Cinequest has actually led the way to years in showcasing the technologies that end up changing the landscape of movie making and distribution. In the days when people were laughing at the idea of a digital camera providing a real alternative to 35mm, you witnessed at Cinequest visionary innovator Larry Thorpe presenting better and better solutions until his dream became a reality: 24P High Def digital photography that looks smells, and feels like 35mm and is a whole lot easier and cost-effective to use. You saw at Cinequest Stuart English and Panasonic provide an HD alternative to Larry’s HD-Cam and then create the camera and format that has replaced 16mm as the preferred choice of documentary and low budget dramatic filmmakers, DVX100 cameras and DV-cam. The dam broke—digital has now become, not only a viable alternative to film but, according to the ratio of digital versus film submissions at Cinequest (60/40) the preferred medium. At Cinequest you enjoyed the evolution of digital-video projection from the days of the pretty good to the sublime. But it didn’t stop there. Last year Cinequest and Kontiki unveiled the most cutting-edge Internet delivery system via Cinequest Online and held the cutting-edge panel forum on new school methods of digital distribution. This year’s Cinequest DXD Forums promise more of the same.

DIGITAL MEDIA FORUM I: Digital Effects On a Dime

Sponsored by Film Threat Magazine

Spectacular digital effects seen in big budget Hollywood blockbusters were nearly impossible to achieve on an indie level just a few years ago. Now, impressive special effects have become affordable for low budget filmmakers. Combining hard work, creative vision and off the shelf software, visual effects are not only possible for independents, the results rival those seen in big budget extravaganzas. Meet the digital artists behind "My Big Fat Independent Movie" and learn their inside secrets. The filmmakers will offer an exclusive presentation detailing how they delivered high-quality special effects on an indie budget.

Moderated by producer Chris Gore

DIGITAL MEDIA FORUM II: New Distribution and Delivery Strategies

Delivered to you by Kontiki

Independent filmmakers go to markets and festivals seeking distribution, but even when attained the traditional studio model of film distribution tends to be ineffective with movies lacking bankable name actors. Luckily, new technologies are providing new cost effective marketing and delivery options for filmmakers that could create new models that work.

This exciting, leading-edge forum will show you that real alternatives NOW exist to deliver feature length films at High Definition and DVD quality directly to their fans. With over a billion Internet users, and a swamp load of them having or attaining broadband capacity, there is truly a New-School approach to distribution forming. The panel will also look at new strategies in DVD distribution that make sense for the independent.

And…the possibilities are truly empowering to the maverick artist.

Join moderator, Mike Homer (Chairman of Kontiki) and a powerful panel of the leading maverick minds in delivery technologies to open your horizons as a movie maker, producer or viewer.


Sponsored by Panasonic

Picture the possibilities of filmmaking and viewing at its best. Panasonic is always ahead of the curve in providing filmmakers with new technologies that make them more creative with less cost and greater production values. Panasonic has also led the way in creating new and better digital exhibition opportunities to bring films to their fans.

It’s time to take a comparative look at all of the digital solutions available to filmmakers from standard definition to high definition. It’s also time to look at the comprehensive process for lens-to-lens, capture to screen. There’s a lot of amazing opportunity and help available to film makers and lovers out there, and this forum will give a fantastic perspective on the pros and cons of the options.

This is a must do forum for serious professionals, students, or first time filmmakers while providing great insight to the process if you are a film fan who likes to know how its done.

Presented by David Wiswell

DIGITAL MEDIA FORUM IV: Mobile Video On Palm Powered Devices

Going Mobile: Creating Movies for Palm Powered Mobile Devices andPromoting your Movie via handheld trailers.

PalmSource Inc., (NASDAQ: PSRC) provider of Palm OS®, a leadingoperating system powering next generation mobile devices powering over36 Million devices sold along with industry representatives from leadingmobile video solution providers will give an inside look at what is"Now" and what is "Next" in mobile video on the Palm OS platform.

Film makers and watches! This is the latest new frontier of potential fordistributing, delivering and enjoying independent work. Get the inside jumpon your opportunities.

DIGITAL MEDIA FORUM V: Democratization of Digital Motion Picture Production

Digital motion picture production is rapidly expanding. Fast-paced developments on the technical front in digital imaging, digital recording, digital editing, and optical technologies are matched on the creative front by the pursuit of new aesthetic flexibilities, the unceasing quest for enhancements to production workflow, and a desire for all production budget levels to participate.

The global standardization on the two-third inch image format size for digital high definition production has been the primary impetus behind the progress to date in digital 24P motion pictures. This is sure to continue at a fast pace.

At the same time, separate developments in the long-established and larger 35mm image format hold promise of elevating digital motion picture production to an even higher performance plane. A number of systems will enter the rental marketplace in 2005 to service major feature production.

In the all-important lower budget strata the new small-format HDV format has created intense industry buzz. In addition, the promise of lower cost tape-less acquisition systems will manifest itself in first showings in 2005.

This panel will include industry representatives from all sectors of the digital motion picture movement. Panavision and ARRI will discuss their developments in the 35mm high-end. Sony, Thomson, and Panasonic will outline all that they are doing in the mainstream 2/3-inch systems. JVC, Sony, and Panasonic will address the new lower cost HDV and tape-less formats. Canon will address developments in lenses and anamorphic converters.

Moderated by Larry Thorpe


Digital Cinema Experience: Four screens featuring state-of-the-art digital technology will showcase the latest and greatest in digital cinema. Of particular note is Panasonic’s High Definition Theatrical Projectors which provide the first affordable HD digital solution.

Digital Motion Pictures: See the alphabetized write-up section for descriptions and schedules for the following international features, representing a wide range of digital formats and applications:

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