Running Time: 91 mins

United States Premiere

Romance isn't dead, it's just a bit sick.

John Davies is a successful TV sitcom writer. But his whole life is a joke. He has multiple compulsive disorders, which keep him from flying or driving, have him checking his door three times to make sure it’s locked and even have him chatting with his fingers.

When his girlfriend dumps him, John vows revenge in the best way possible. He'll replace her with someone even more glamorous and beautiful. His search for the world's “top babe” leads him to none other than Czech model Veronika Zemanova. But can John shake his old tics long enough to chase his new one? Or can he stop obsessing long enough to find true love, for that matter?

A terrific showcase for Ed Byrne, one of England’s finest young comedians, Jayson Rothwell’s Zemanovaload is a quirky, unpredictable look at the craziness of romance, and how much of a uniquely funny obsession it can be if you chase it long enough.

Fernando F. Croce