48 Hour Film Project - Best of 2004

48 Hour Film Project

48 Hour Film Project - Best of 2004

Running Time: 90 mins

48 Hour Film Project - Best of 2004

What is the 48 Hour Film Project? It's a chance to stop talking and start filming! The premise? It's an international competition where filmmaking teams have just one weekend to make a short film. All creativity-writing, shooting, editing and adding a musical soundtrack-must occur in a 48-hour window beginning on a Friday evening at 7 o'clock and ending Sunday at 7 o'clock.

What are the films about? That's up to the filmmaker; however, each team must select the genre for its movie in a random drawing 15 minutes before the start of the competition. Genres have included: mockumentary, comedy, horror, romance, mystery, and superhero, to name a few. In addition, all teams are given a character, prop and line of dialogue that must appear in each film.

As the 48 Hour Film Project makes plans for a new competition in 2005, they're celebrating their top films of 2004 at Cinequest. This year, we're excited to be bringing the Best Film from 18 different cities where the "Best Film of 2004" will be announced.

Come join in on the fun and witness the creativity, the splendor, and the 48 Hour Film Project!

NOTE: This special presentation will be screened in two series, with a break between them.