Enjoy two hilarious improv comedy intereactions from ComedySportz. During the morning's Open Conference, ComedySportz will provide a fun presentation on improv as it effects work and play. Then at 2:45pm, Jeff Kramer and team will pit off with a machine for a competition of artificial vs. human comedy. 

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Cinequest is prouid to present the extraodinary new, short film Valentine both during that festival and as a special presentation during AI Day. In futuristic Los Angeles, 17-year-old Annika revisits childhood memories of her mother via her SYD implant device - an AI technology which connects to her brain and allows recording, playback and communication. Annika’s AI companion within her SYD device interrupts her memory sequence with a message from her boyfriend, Nick, who offers Annika an enticing plan for Valentine’s day. Nick’s offer piques Annika’s interest. SYD and Annika discuss true love as Annika debates whether or not to sneak out against her mother’s wishes to see Nick. Directed by Devon Kelley. Produced by Matt Paul and Weston Manville. Starring Cailyn Rice and Bailey Ives Coppola.

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