Alex Chen

Lead Graphic Designer

“What I love about film, and design in general, is how everything is planned out; from the camera movement, to the actor’s performance, down to the music. Everything done is logical, but the reaction to it is pure emotional. That is the brilliance of art; it is taking something abstract and injecting humanity into it.”

Alex joined Cinequest as the lead graphic designer, creating the graphic assets for the festival and working on the marketing campaign. He previously worked as a graphic/UI designer for a start-up and has done concept illustrations as a freelancer. His love of film and helping other artists realize their dream is what drove him to Cinequest.

He is eager to see the attendees’ reaction to all the hard work put into this year’s Cinequest and strives to make the festival a complete success.

In his free time, Alex loves to draw, work out, and cook new recipes at home. He is also an avid music lover, often mixing music sets together and has even performed a few public events. Traveling has long been a passion of his and he hopes to set out to a new country soon to experience a whole new culture and taste the delicious food.