Breanna "Bre" Contreras is a captivating artist with roots in San Jose, California. She also blossoms across the sea, in Norway, as she plants seeds and breathes life into her artwork wherever she goes.

Her art is powered by limitless expression as she explores a variety of different artistic mediums, spanning from the expected to the overlooked. Using art as a creative release, she brightens everything she touches as she reaches for colors that could warm any perspective. 

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Jemal Diamond is a Bay Area-based artist, and native Californian. He exhibits at KALEID Gallery, is a member artist of Works/San José, and creates from his studio at Visual Philosophy, all in San Jose, California. Jemal holds an MFA in studio art from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and asks viewers like YOU to title all of his artwork. 

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Francisco Ramirez

Originally from Mexico City, Francisco migrated to San Jose in 1987. His early life trained him to be resourceful and is a self-taught artist. His inspiration comes from everywhere and everyone, from Bob Ross, and Boris Vallejo to his Peers at Local Color to DDEF studios where he currently works from.


His style of work include realism, hyperrealism, abstract, and surrealism. He has worked with oils, watercolor, sculpting, photography but spends most of his time painting with acrylics. Since becoming a full-time artist in 2017, he has painted over 20 collaborative and solo murals in San Jose. His canvas paintings number well over 400 strong, the sizes ranging from 4’x6’ to 5”x7” His commissioners include various construction companies, local businesses, residential, nonprofits and independent curators that align with his mission to empower, beautify and protect this community. 

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