Cinequest Festival Archive

Focus on Discovery

Cinequest prides itself on the discovery of new and emerging film artists.

Focus on Innovation

Cinequest’s uniqueness and impact results from being ahead of the curve, whether it comes to discovering or producing original voices, showcasing new technology, or reinventing the very definition of film distribution and marketing. It’s a celebration of premium quality Maverick cinema, television and innovation. “Technology always drives the film business. In Cinequest, we have a good window on the future. I think they’re leading the world in this regard.” — Peter Belsito, Executive Vice President, Film Finders.

Focus on the Mavericks

A Maverick stands apart from the crowd, willing to create and innovate from a place of personal yet global vision. Daring to act as a catalyst of dynamic change in a cookie cutter world; the boundaries become endless when inspired by ingenious thinking. The Maverick spirit thrives within the world of art and innovation. Cinequest empowers Maverick film artists, movie lovers, innovators, and students, while holding a unique global position.