Screenplay Competition Testimonials

"I think the most important thing about Cinequest is it’s definitely the first time I’ve ever come to a festival where my immediate reaction is, ’What do I have to do to be invited back?’ and that’s not normally my reaction. It’s a perfect film festival in a glorious place."
— Neil Gaiman, Maverick Spirit Award Winner

“After the Cinequest Writers Celebration, an angel investor has swooped in and offered to finance my film. WorkingMan will begin immediate pre-production and will be shot next winter/early spring.  Thanks so much to everyone at Cinequest for opening doors to filmmakers and artists everywhere!”
— Robert Jury, Feature Finalist, WORKINGMAN

"It’s a surreal experience to see Our Lady Lupe go from CINEQUEST finalist script to screen with it's premiere on national television! I learned so much from the writer's celebration, which definitely helped prepare me for this opportunity!"
- Dominique Nieves, Shorts Finalist, OUR LADY LUPE

“I was thrilled when Cinequest selected my pilot script as a finalist for the teleplay competition. Writers need all the support they can get and Cinequest gave it in abundance.  Not only at the festival, with conferences and events for the writers, but long afterwards, when you’re back at the desk and find an email from one of the devoted people at Cinequest in your box. When they get behind you, they stay behind you and continue to do everything they can to help push your project forward.”

— Matthew Dixon, THE GLASS HOTEL (optioned by HBO in 2016)

"I've been submitting to Cinequest since 2013. The Cinequest judges' feedback and scorecards have always been top notch, and Cinequest is a respected and known festival. I had a fantastic experience attending this year. The producers and staff do an amazing job, essentially taking over San Jose for the festival. It's incredible...I'm over the moon to be working with Frank Grillo, Joe Carnahan, Myles Nestel and Lisa Wilson at The Solution, and with the crew at CAA. I think Netflix is absolutely the perfect venue for [Wheelman]. This is going to be a hell of movie, I can't wait for people to see it."
— Jeremy Rush, 2016 Feature Winner, WHEELMAN (sold to Netflix in 2016)

“I loved the artist/writer events. It was a pleasure getting to speak with other finalists— writers who are so very creative, talented and diverse in outlook…The importance of Cinequest is that it brings us together, not despite our crazy aspirations as artists, but because of them… and best of all, their encouragement stokes the fire to keep us going.” 
— Ada Lee Halofsky, Teleplay 30 Minutes Winner, Throwing Shade

“We had an incredible time at the festival, and are very much still in complete awe of the amazing response to the film… pretty much everything you'd ever want as a filmmaker. It was a very surreal experience.”
— Travis Neufeld, 2014 Short-film screenplay winner, Tinwife (premiered at Cinequest in 2017)

"My cell was ringing with option interest before I even left San Jose. The Cinequest win helped me land representation in L.A., which resulted in attaching a seasoned producer who loves the script. I’m now being read by some of the most well-known production companies and all the major studios in Hollywood."
— Bill Schreiber, SWITCHBACK

"Winning the Cinequest feature screenwriting competition gave me a chance to connect with other writers and filmmakers, and provided me with amazing opportunities to open some doors. A top-notch competition!"
— Stacie Shellner, SAINT CHLOE

"Cinequest offers the creme ’de la creme’ of screenplay competitions! All of the events were professionally run, and as a Screenwriting Finalist, I encountered wonderful networking situations, well thought out educational opportunities, and a warm embrace into this vibrant community."
— Ashia Chacko, BLACK BOX

"I saw the word "maverick" and took a chance on a lark that maybe this was a venue that could help foster my own vision. I graduated from the USC Graduate Screenwriting program...whatever happens in my career from this point on, I will consider [Cinequest] as one of the key factors in my development as a writer."

"I can honestly say that Cinequest is one of the most writer-friendly film festivals I’ve ever been to. It was such a pleasure to meet everyone and, most of all, hear all of the stories. Here’s hoping we all get a green light someday!"

"Everyone at Cinequest was great and I enjoyed the networking opportunities they provided. My screenplay is moving forward and we are seeking out investors to co-produce."

"Meeting other artists and sharing in their journey was the inspirational spark that I really needed..."
— Sean Corrigan, AWARENESS, teleplay pilot

"I submit a script to Cinequest pretty much every year because I love to go to San Jose for the festival. The movies are always top-notch, the theaters are convenient for walking, the people are friendly, and socializing with movie folks is always stimulating."
— Steven Warren, placed Top 20 (twice), Top 10 (twice), 3rd Place and 2nd Place